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Ethiopia’s Invisible Crisis


Ethiopia’s Invisible Crisis

Felix Horne

“Badessa” was a third-year engineering student in western Ethiopia in April 2014 when he and most of his classmates joined a protest over the potential displacement of ethnic Oromo farmers like his family because of the government’s plan to expand the capital, Addis Ababa, into the farmland.


There is verifiable footage (easily found on You Tube) showing Bush, Sr. & Bush, Jr., Bill Clinton and others saying that there is a New World Order.

Elites have the money to hire the best minds straight out of Ivy League Universities. These minds, if they can be bought for a price, are the ones capable of turning law on itself through legalese jujitsu and they redesigned the global economy to give precedence to faux products that belong in a private gambling casino.

They likely came up with the concept of a war on terror as a means for tightening the screws on working people everywhere... that was a requirement, after all, if their goal was to own it all.

Just as legal papers like the NDAA and Patriot Act pave the way for citizens accused of dangerous dissent to serve prison terms, the idea is catching on in 3rd world nations.

This is a clear example:

"The night of the first protests he was arrested and taken to an unmarked detention center. Each night he heard his fellow students screaming in agony as one by one they were tortured by interrogators. “I still hear the screams,” he told me later. Eventually his turn came to be interrogated. “What kind of country is it when I voice concern that my family could lose their farm for a government project and I am arrested, tortured, and now living as a refugee?”

Any threat to land development by elite interests will be treated in this manner. It's already done across South America where environmental activists and those trying to preserve the Amazon from the dam-builders end up dead.

Last Sunday CD posted a powerful piece by Nick Buxton and what he exposes puts a massively lethal cherry on the cake that TIPP and TPP are baking.

It ties in with this article because it shows what's ultimately going on... and the metrics being used to get this HORROR into place:

'Less well known is the fact that WEF since 2009 has been working on an ambitious project called the Global Redesign Initiative, (GRI), which effectively proposes a transition away from intergovernmental decision-making towards a system of multi-stakeholder governance. In other words, by stealth, they are replacing a recognized model where we vote in governments who then negotiate treaties which are then ratified by our elected representatives with a model where a self-selected group of ‘stakeholders’ make decisions on our behalf.

"Advocates of multi-stakeholder governance argue that governments and intergovernmental forums, such as the UN, are no longer efficient places for tackling increasingly complex global crises. The founder of WEF Klaus Schwab says “the sovereign state has become obsolete”. WEF has created 40 Global Agenda Councils and industry-sector bodies, with the belief these are the best groups of people to develop proposals and ultimately decisions related to a whole gamut of global issues from climate change to cybersecurity."

To fully connect dots, I HIGHLY recommend viewing Amy Goodman's show (Democracynow.org) on Wednesday, January 20. She interviewed the author or Dark Money. And this woman chronicles just how pervasive Koch Money goes (and has gone) in affecting policy in this nation.

If billionaires like Koch and friends manage to get TIPP and TPP passed, what would stop them from implementing the kind of New World Order that Mr. Buxton explains at length in his important article?


There is No New World Order. There is a New World Disorder.