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EU and Iran Will Attempt to Salvage Nuclear Deal Following Trump's Breach of Agreement


EU and Iran Will Attempt to Salvage Nuclear Deal Following Trump's Breach of Agreement

Julia Conley, staff writer

The European Union and Iran signaled on Saturday that they would not permit President Donald Trump's deeply unpopular decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal to deteriorate their own involvement in the agreement.


Good news. We need a lot more good news.

Worldwide BDS of the USA would be a starting point.


Digging a little deeper, warning of next false flag has been delivered to President.



Iran will selling oil in Euros, abandoning the petrodollar. Will others follow?

China is purchasing all Iran and Venezuela can export.

And the sanctions are driving oil (and domestic gasoline prices) higher by the day. Russia is thrilled.


Thanks for the link. Another 9/11 perhaps?


Trump’s impetuous foolishness accelerates the end of the US empire, breaking the Iran deal giving the EU cover to join the global exit from the doomed Petrodollar.

But can we avert the long-prepared for war spasm, as the empire’s end becomes obvious? Insane planners like Bolton imagine the USA emerging from WWIII as, again, the world’s “sole super-power.” And they have long since placed all their eggs in that “New American Century” basket.


Interesting letter sent to Trump:

Whatever else, don’t believe the next false flag.



The Obama administration worked hard to broker a deal with Iran, a country that was very difficult to broker a deal with. It didn’t give us enough to satisfy everyone, but it did come up with a plan to carefully follow the flow of nuclear materials and wastes in order to keep them out of the hands of terrorists. Just think of the sectarian hatred and wars that have happened through the years and just think about the opposing sides being able to nuke each other or spread nuclear contamination to other religions sects or cultures.

What was appalling about Trump is his quickly moving to cancel the treaty with no plan of his own offered as an alternative. Why? He doesn’t really have a plan, which is usually what becomes a war. And what would become more wonderful for Trump, his cabinet and legislators in congress for the military industrial complex corporations sending dozens of lobbyists bearing bribe money to Washington DC in order to create a new war and have new military contracts worth billions of dollars. And what is more wonderful for the White House, Trump and his cabinet and Congressional legislators to receive all of the war corporation bribe money to start a new, big war with Iran. Hundreds of millions of bribe money. All for what? Another Iraq or Afghanistan War? Funding our fixation on creating wars on the other side of the planet is exactly what increased our national debt into the trillions of dollars of debt we now have.


Sorry xyz, didn’t see your post.



Unless autonomous democracy can focus human species intelligence and the seed of global union, I’m visualizing the US as at least 50 separate countries without any sort of confederation at all.

Be more positive? Imagine a new six branch government with no supreme court judges appointed for life. None of the Above is included on every ballot choice in every vote tally, public or private.

Branch #4 operates the fairness doctrine and trust busts the media in coordination with the sixth branch. It also assists local communication centers, networks and libraries. The fourth branch of government makes sure textbooks are free of propaganda or outright lies about history and economics. The fourth branch encourages philosophy and the arts and seeks public good accounting for that effort from the sixth branch.

Branch #5 accepts all legislation and inspects it for justice content. Proposed laws without justice are not sent on to the executive branch, they are deleted and archived; notification is sent to all branches of government.

Branch #6 maintains a portal to autonomous democracy operating outside of government. It uses that portal to support an independent ranking of world currencies as a factor of closeness to perfectly functioning energy based transaction accounting, real money that actually measures. The dynamic tension between formal government branches and autonomous democracy accounting with energy based monetary units and measuring the actual costs of al products and services as well as public goods contributed by social efforts and artifacts. Autonomous democracy is used to focus distributed intelligence of the human species and create dynamic tension between governed and government that can be replaced in part or entirely by the people via autonomous democracy.


Obama worked very hard with our European Allies, to get Iran to discontinue it nuclear weapons ambitions. Their was no logical reason to scrap the agreement that Iran was adhering to. For some strange reason Trump has a strong hatred for Obama and is trying to destroy any of his accomplishments. He is doing it at the price of a nuclear weapons expansion, and of loosing an alliance with our European Friends. There is absolutely nothing to be gained for Trump, or for anybody, other than his destroying one more accomplishment that was made by Obama. Trump has some serious mental problems. Remember November


Could it be that OB worked so hard in shutting down Iranian nukes to keep apartheid Israel as the only nation in the Mideast w/ nukes (and many CBWs)? I’ll take U.S. policy in the region seriously when it cuts off aid to the Zionist apartheid entity and US/UK/EURO military base called “Israel”. Until then,



The US is doing everything to weaken Europe. It is to no surprise that Europe is looking for new alliances. Merkel (who speaks Russian) and Vlad (who speaks German) had a cozy get-together last week to figure out strategies. Eat you heart out, Donald, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline delivering natural gas to Europe is gonna be built…you lost Donnie…


Dear Unclepo, our government sure won’t tell us about Israeli dirty work, so spread the news!


It’s all being done to increase arms manufacturer’s profits, so mystery solved.


Wish in one hand and shite in the other, etc. Nice idea, though.


No wonder Trump said the Iran deal was a bad deal!


American politicians who support th end to the Iran agreement are enemies of the American people. Corporate sycophants, like Trump, Bolton and Pompeo, will do whatever it takes to appease their corporate sponsors. The corporate media has dutifully demonized Iran and misdirected the masses to give them the impression that somehow Iran is a threat to the U.S. In reality it is the U.S. that poses the only threat to world peace by having a government that is completely subservient to the military industrial complex. I hope someday Americans wake up to the scam, but so far the lies keep stringing too many regular folks along.


Russia is even more thrilled because after Boeing pulled out of a deal to build 737s for Iran and Airbus couldn’t offer a contract because of its reliance on American parts, a Russian firm, Sukhoi, stepped up and now has an agreement to contract to build the planes for Iran. So let’s just say that Russia is profiting mightily from Trump’s actions.


This is good news we needed right now. Hopefully EU companies such as those who got beat out by American companies initially can get new NO BID contracts to immediately design and build and competitive designs, or quickly reverse engineer the US parts on Airbuses. That would allow Iran to stay up where they wanted to be in large commercial contracts, and would really stick it to Trump supporters. Airbus can hopefully create new contracts quickly that would allow companies of European origin like Airbus to fulfill the Boeing orders cancelled due to Trump’s actions without US parts!

Say have All Y’all contacted your Senators and Congressional Rep and asked them to please Censure this President for the rest of his term?