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EU Court Delivers "Major Blow" to Mass Surveillance


EU Court Delivers "Major Blow" to Mass Surveillance

Nika Knight, staff writer

The European Union's highest court on Wednesday issued a landmark ruling against mass surveillance in a judgment that challenges key portions of the U.K.'s so-called "Snooper's charter," a sweeping surveillance bill that was set to become law by the end of the year.


Privacy forms a big chunk of freedom. W/o some privacy it's hard to envision much freedom at all. What are the police States thinking?
Answer: The plan was just don't tell 'em.


Can you imagine a US Court or the Supreme Beings issuing such a ruling?
It shows just how far we have fallen.

But maybe Donald Trump will "Make America Great Again" and restore our privacy and civil liberties.
I am not holding my breath...


Edward Snowden tweeted on this decision and linked the article in medium.com

Edward Snowden ‏@Snowden 27m27 minutes ago

Big: EU's highest court (ECJ) declares UK's mandatory logging of everyone's communications to be unlawful. Details: https://medium.com/@privacyint/press-release-landmark-ruling-by-european-court-could-render-the-uk-governments-new-snoopers-e7caff2b59e7#.avyqg2mnc

I follow Snowden on twitter along with 2.6 million others

When will he be recognized in the US as a hero? Trends are moving in that direction but our surveillance state is fighting transparency every way it can

As long as democrats like Hillary and Nancy Pelosi say Obama say that Snowden has to return to USA and face the court, they are lying because they know that an espionage act warrant does not allow Snowden to speak about the issues.

And Obama said he can't pardon unless been before a court. That is another lie because he can pardon anyone anytime.

The "parties" are factions working for the oligarchs and the military, not for the people

When Obama said he "can't" pardon Snowden he may have meant he "won't" do it, unless circumstances change. Presidents have historically issued pardons even when no court or prosecutor has taken action, which was pointed out by Noa Yachot, who directs the Pardon Snowden campaign.

And as part of the Iran nuclear deal he negotiated, Obama himself pardoned three Iranian-American men who had been indicted but had not stood trial.

Snowden faces charges under the Espionage Act, a World War One-era law that doesn't distinguish between confidential material being given to foreign powers or to a journalist. The ACLU has called the law "draconian.


Obama says he can’t pardon Snowden Snowden may be loved in Germany, but US lawmakers aren't keen on forgiveness.

There are several articles on this with a couple from right wing publicans which I seem to end up seeing more these days as the dems continue their alliance to the oligarchy


The rest of the world must find their voice to counter the trump regime and their more than likely extremism. Like this ruling denouncing the security state, those international leaders must step up to the plate and stand tall to become a force for justice and the Common Good, because we will not be getting any from the trump regime....................



That is one good reason for the UK staying in the EU. The European Court of Justice has proved to be an asset on several occasion.


Sorry but other western democracies have already passed the same type of police state legislation as the USA. Expect nothing.