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EU Leaders Consider New Internment Camps for Rejected Refugees


EU Leaders Consider New Internment Camps for Rejected Refugees

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Among the topics being discussed by European Union ministers at an emergency session in Brussels is a proposal for the new internment of refugees fleeing war and poverty, the Guardian revealed Monday.

A four-page draft statement prepared by EU ambassadors ahead of Monday's meeting was obtained by journalist Ian Traynor.


What? Concentration Camps in Europe? What a novel idea!
* 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' Santayana.


Just exactly where outside Europe? I guess it's time to cozy up to Putin and see if Siberia is available. Incredible and vicious are the only words that come to mind to describe these 'plans.' And you know what? We will all be on the reservation (list) soon.


detention measures... should be applied
translation: lock 'em up.


"The document directs the EU to fund and build refugee camps for the rejected asylum-seekers in locations outside of Europe and not in their country of origin."

No, their actually suggesting such camps outside Europe, presumably in such host states that they can pay to handle the burden of the human flotsum and jetsome that they see unfit to accept despite their direct responsability for creation of the social or economic conditions that lead to the refugees migration. The idea seems to be that destroying an economy and the social and political structures in Lybia, Mali, Somalia, Eretria, or Afghanistan makes "economic" migrants, while financing terrorism and creating a civil war, makes political "refugees". After all "they are threatened with their lives if they return home!!!

How stupid and calous can these "civilised" beaureucrats and politicians get? I wish they would remember that when America and the "willing" went into Iraq in 03, more than 4 million refugies poured into Syria (a country of about 18 million people, with already about half a million Palestinian refugies) and no one was talking about "a refugee crisis" there and then. Now, the whole of Europe, with 500 million population, is threatened to receive only a million or so refugees caused by the shit the Europeans with their US friends made happen and sudenly its "a crisis".


What exactly is the criteria being used to determine who is a "legitimate" refugee? The US has the major responsibility for what is happening due to its interference in the ME and Africa.


The chickens are coming home to roost: more than a century of invasion, occupation, exploitation, theft and manipulation, and now Europe is faced with the unintended consequences. We're next. We're next. A bit harder to reach, but no longer impossible.


***Please tell me there is a solution that will not leave ANY of these people endlessly without a place to call home. They have already suffered from bigotry. They need help & America should be doing much more than allowing a few thousand to come into this vast country. President Obama should be ashamed not to have stood up fir the very things that this nation was founded to do. If he forgets, perhaps he should look up the words on the plaque that graces the Statue of Liberty. That used to be the kind of country America was before we became interested in people like donald trump who would build walls to keep humans who want to live here out. If I had my own way about who would be ejected from America, Trump would be the first to go because everything he preaches is against everything our founders risked
everything for. ***