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EU Leaders Denounced for 'New Low' After 'Worst Mediterranean Tragedy' This Year Claims Lives of 150 Migrants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/26/eu-leaders-denounced-new-low-after-worst-mediterranean-tragedy-year-claims-lives-150

Yep that EU is all about promoting peace and freedom and ensuring Human Rights protected.

These migrants used to flee sub Saharan Africa with the destination of Libya in mind which hosted one of the largest refugee populations in the world under Qaddaffi. The EU helped create this mess by helping to destroy Libya.


If an unencumbered human saw the state of the planet for the first time I venture to say that the utter barbarity that we inflict on each other would cause that person to commit suicide.


The Law of Unintended Consequences is always a pain…

Every nation which interfered in Africa must be compelled to give these refugees a home.


Crimes against humanity by the leaders of the European Community and the world including the US. I’m sure there are a lot of us naval ships near Iran trying to create chaos. They could be saving these people instead. These refugees are us.

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what a headline, denouncing the EU rather than the Libyan authorities and the smugglers who are the ones that allow trafficking that sends them to their deaths. If Europe is so bad, and Africa so great, why do so many want to go to Europe?


Where have you been the past 10 years?

You are aware that Libya was the richest Country in all of Africa and that refugees from all over sub-saharan Africa fled to Libya to escape conflict?

You ARE aware that EU member Nations in conjunction with NATO allies like Canada and the USA destroyed Libya and removed that Government which led to this chaos?

You ARE aware that France, The United Kingdom nd the USA all had “advisors” on the ground supporting those rebels which included Islamists and members of Al Qaeda?

You ARE aware that as per Wikileaks the reason the EU and the USA wanted to take Libya out was because Qaddaffi was introducing a Gold back Dinar to use as an international currency in Africa and France for one thought this would impact the tribute they take from Africa each year?

You ARE aware that France milks some 500 billion dollars a year in Tribute out of its ex colonies in Africa and that these Countries Foreign reserves are kept by France and france takes a cut of the same and will only allow those Countries limited access to those monies?

You are aware that france recently admitted that much of the advanced weaponry being used in Libya by one of the factions seeking power are of French origin albeit when asked how those rebels got a hold of them France responded with no comment?

You ARE aware that as per wiki leaks and the Clinton email leak Ms Clinton indicated that European Oil Companies were also wanting to get a hold of Libya’s oil?

Europe has been plundering Africa for Centuries. They are still plundering Africa. If a person burns anothers house down and the people who lived in that house decide they are going to sleep in the arsonists barn then the arsonist should not whine when they do so. If the EU stopped plundering Africa (just as happens in Latin America with the USA plundering those Countries) then maybe those people would be more willing to stay in Africa?


Sighs from the deep; SuspiraDeProfundis, not many people realise the effects of these wars and domination the west/europe had upon north africa/africa. I was in a cemetery in france and happened upon a grave of two brothers who had fought in algeria. They were both in their twenties. They had been dead for nearly 200 years. I wondered if they believed in what they were fighting for.

And yes it is true. There are no more search and rescue operations in the mediterranean by boat. Only air surveillance. And until anyone has witnessed (as i have) the pathetic plight of humans trying to escape the degradations of their own country because of repurcussions caused by opportunists then there will be no empathy.

Why don’t you have them in Canada then, before you get on your hypocritical, sanctimonious high horse? Go on, you’ve got plenty of room, twice the area of the EU. Yet how many, say, Syrian refugees has Canada taken in so far, what is it, a pathetic 25,000 or something like that, and you even give yourselves an ill-deserved pat on the back for that, suggesting the smug sanctimoniousness you personally almost constantly exude in your posts may even be a national characteristic of your country! I hope I’m wrong and it’s just you. Even tiny Sweden has taken more than you. The EU as a whole has taken well over a million getting on for two. Your contribution seems rather feeble for a nation twice the size of the EU in comparison, especially as you ALSO helped cause it all being involved in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and, as you mention, Libya. Countries thousands of miles away from you! Yet in your mind, you’re spotless enough to berate the EU. The only positive thing I’d say is at least you took in a lot more the US, the biggest causer of this crisis, who, considering the size of the place, took in, as far as I’m aware, virtually fuck all.

Also, last I heard, wasn’t Trudea (sic) tightening border controls in Quebec to stop an influx of economic migrants?

So, 'that EU is all about promoting peace and freedom and ensuring Human Rights protected’ certainly more than Canada or the US is, evidently. You could easy send some ships into the med, pick them up and take them back home with you. You certainly manage to get your ships and planes here for the wars, why not for a good cause?

And I hope you’ve been busy campaigning to break up Canada into separate provinces according to your political philosophy, otherwise it’s another area where you’re a big hypocrite.

A nation’s law that says “we must kill some people” is a pretty horrid law.

We know about the Berlin Wall, how people risked their lives and their freedom to cross it. Sometimes life is so bad that people will risk death and/or torture. Sometimes people die too.

It’s not our job to be death, the grim reaper, standing by with billions of dollars worth of ships and planes while the people die. Under the law of the sea, if people are dying then you show up and rescue them, on the grounds that it might be you next time. Failure to stop earns us the same contempt that we feel for a hit and run driver who leaves her victim bleeding in the street and speeds off.


Many of us are comfortably numb.