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EU Moves to Reapprove Monsanto's Toxic Glyphosate



You just can't make this stuff up....proven poisons "approved" by governments so chemical industry can make more money by poisoning the earth, home environments, and killing countless creatures. Unfreakinbelievable! Total criminal government corruption that must be destroyed, along with the power of MonSatan to corrupt fools and liars! BS!




More than just a coincidence that the EU is working willing to approve carcinogenic Glyphosate use just as negotiations are going on between the United States and Europe over the TTIP trade deal ? The health and safety of people be damned so long as profits soar !


Another day, another outrage: Modern, technological, capitalist nations are "more fearsome than tigers". Isn't it time we stood up?


People power versus corporate power: the only war there is. Monsanto is poisoning you, forcing glyphosate and Hillary Clinton down your throat and the throats of your children.

Fight back!

If they won't let us have Bernie, we're going to torpedo their puppet Hillary! #ItsInOurHands


This is another subject not put forward to the presidential candidates-the health of our environment and the food we eat??????