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EU Parliament Votes for Dropped Charges, Asylum Protection for Snowden


Tell you what, you quit cherry-picking quotes to slander Sanders and I’ll quit calling you what you sound like.

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Yes, it’s the one you’re desperately trying to ignore: You misrepresented Sanders’ position.


And Mr. Snowden has been a gentleman throughout the whole affair. Even his Twitter remarks display a deftness of diplomacy that rises above the fray.
Not easy to demonize that!


One important step on the journey to bring US war criminals to trial.


Some James Bond wannabe commented that he would “brush against Snowden in the street and Snowden would go home and die peacefully in the shower”.

There is no crime or atrocity that conservatives won’t do.


Naw, Sanders considers him a law breaker who should be penalized. If you want Snowden to be able to come home and treated like a hero, vote Stein …


Sorry c_z, as your post points out, Sanders considers him a law breaker who should be “penalized” - if you really want Snowden to be able to come home as a hero, ya gotta vote Stein, no way around it …


Not a vote against the U.S.
A vote for Honest Government.

Should have been 566 for.


No, he didn’t misrepresent his position - Sanders considers him a lawbreaker who should be penalized, taking his education function “into consideration” doesn’t change that - it may affect the harshness of the penalty, but it doesn’t change the fact Sanders thinks he should be penalized …


Bull. You just like anything anti-Sanders.


What do you mean, bull - you quoted him yourself for Pete’s sake - read your own post! If Sanders position is “anti-Sanders”, take it up with him …


KyleGo took a single sentence from what Sanders said to cast it in the worst possible light - totally ignoring what Sanders also said about the benefits of Snowden’s actions and that any penalty for breaking the law should take that into account.

It was blatantly dishonest and you support it - which says as much about you as it does about KyleGo.

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Were I Snowden, I would stay put in Russia for as long as I could because Europe is unstable and getting more so with each passing day. Same for Assange in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. Latin America is fixing to get more violent after JEB! takes the White House. Manning will be ready for menopause before the Army will grant the sex change treatment desired (35 years is a long, long time).


ctrl_z – I am very grateful to be getting to know you in these exchanges - Once again, you bring certainly objective, essential, and in my view determinative and welcome, information to the discussion.

Again - Thank you.


I don’t read the statement quoted by ctrl_z to say what you attribute to it.

I think the difference between the quoted words and your suggested interpretation is total.


I’m a lawyer. I have no idea - nor does anyone else other than Sanders - in what way Sanders means to take anything into consideration, But Sanders statement in full most definitely changes everything in the shorter version.


Yes, by all means vote Stein - increasing her popular vote to upwards of 1,000, leaving her electoral college vote at zero.

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I had the same though about the vote count. Wish it was higher–if not unanimous.
Just came across a quote attributed to Ron Paul: “My understanding is that espionage means giving secret or classified to the enemy. Since Snowden shared information with the American people, his indictment for espionage could reveal (or confirm) that the US Government views you and me as the enemy.”


Five more pricks - Actually 3 more would have made it 284 to 282 against.

But winning is better than losing.

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Much to commend in Ron Paul.

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