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EU Referendum: A Disastrous Outcome


EU Referendum: A Disastrous Outcome

Left Unity

The following is a statement by the Left Unity Executive Committee following the outcome of the referendum vote in the UK:

Left Unity deplores the Leave outcome of the EU Referendum. This referendum came from pressure from the far right – driven by anti-immigration sentiment, fuelled by racism. This has been the most reactionary national campaign in British political history, resulting in an open emergence of the extreme right.


In response to the PAID C.D. chorus forever singing the same tiring line from the “Blame U.S. voters/citizens” hymnal, this IS the far more accurate version of events and the challenges decent human beings face (in response to Globalism):

“We will step up the fight against neo-liberalism here – opposing all cuts, defending the NHS, fighting for decent housing – and across Europe, because the problems we face cannot be solved on a national basis. These are international problems faced by the working class internationally and this requires solidarity and cooperation across national boundaries. We cannot cut ourselves off from our allies: the peoples of Europe in our shared and common struggles. Unity is strength and that means unity of working people, poor and exploited people, across borders.”

For a LONG time I’ve been explaining that the next revolution will be global because it’s a response to the hegemonic power and control of a number of international corporations… some of which have greater incomes than entire nations.

And looking at the way TPP and TIPP are designed to circumvent law or do away with it altogether, it will take a united front of citizens in various nations to potentially defeat these treaties which essentially turn all human beings into subjects of an invisible throne with powers equivalent to the prior “Divine Right of King” status (and its parallel ideological assertion).


At the rate at which the global rich fatten themselves, there will be nothing for the poor to eat, but them.


There is pretty much nothing “left” left in the US left - especially among common dreams commenters.


"Brexit will not be a loosening of the shackles of neo-liberalism as some
on the left have argued. It will be an unmitigated compounding of the
same policies by the British ruling class. "
Well, why not? And I think they answer my question at the end of the article:
“‘We will fight to rebuild the British left on uncompromisingly anti-racist,
pro-immigration terms, making no concessions to the false narrative that
has dominated the referendum debate. We appeal to all those who share
this perspective to join us and work with us.’”

Yes, that’s right and this vote (and I think it’s true either way it had gone) doesn’t stop you/us from doing exactly that.


OK. But do you truly think the vast upwelling of energized joy among right-wing zealots in Britain and across Europe at this vote, is simply stupid? Or do you not see the xenophobic, nationalist Right, energized and joyous at this vote?


Paul Craig Roberts agrees with you, and also points out dangers that may arise now.




I do see it but I also see the possibilities that can come if the left works for it and makes it their own. The neoliberal agenda needs to go down in flames. It is a shame that the left has left it to the xenophobes to carry this issue but then maybe it’s the MSM who has presented it this way, never allowing a left perspective to reach the audience that seems might embrace it. I mentioned this on another thread but I’ll say it again, two of the people I most admire for their principled stands on the left for human rights and workers’ rights are Tariq Ali and George Galloway. They both live in the UK and they both supported the exit position. I posted a link on a different article but they are both easy to find, I hope, on Youtube. I especially refer you to Tariq Ali’s thoughtful and sloganfree analysis.


Oh bullshit, get rid of both the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and the EU, before they destroy us all.


I imagine the elites were against leaving because after immigration is severely restricted, the real culprits causing working class woes and much human miserymay be revealed. As long as Brits could blame refugees from countries destroyed by disastrous US/UK warfare, or as long as we Yanks can blame or woes on illegal Mexicans whose agrarian society was destroyed by NAFTA, or other Central and South American refugees fleeing the turmoil and miserycaused by American actions in their countries, then the ruling .0001% are fat and happy.

Maybe now the focus can be on real cause and effect.