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EU Signs Deal with AstraZeneca, Critics Warn of 'Dangerous Precedent' as Big Pharma Pushes for Covid Vaccine Liability Waivers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/27/eu-signs-deal-astrazeneca-critics-warn-dangerous-precedent-big-pharma-pushes-covid


“This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in…four years the vaccine is showing side effects,” Dobber said.

Big Pharma’s admission of not caring about people but GREEDY AS HELL! Mr. Dobber! May I ask: IF YOU CANNOT TAKE THE RISK, WHY SHOULD WE?


Hey, this is a big money moment, corporate needs to suck as much profit out of the situation as possible. If people don’t like it - too bad, Welcome to the new world order.


Doggone it. I keep forgetting we’re wrestling with a largely unacknowledged, undiagnosed case of Late Stage Empire.


Another stick-up by the barbarous capitalists!

Let the Cuban doctors develop the vaccine as they have heart and conscience.


Stupid humans.

"[E]xemption from civil liability would create “a dangerous precedent” that could have ramifications beyond the pandemic"

The whole point I bet. This is nothing more than a clinical trial on a massive scale.


It’s like Trump telling his supporters ti sign a waver not to sue, before they go to his political rally.

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This is how it starts and then before you know how it this kind of waiver policy creeps into other areas of our lives. Like waiving our right to sue police when they shot a family member in the back during a protest march. Police will argue participation in such protests is at own risk …


Trust a, too quick to the market, vaccine if you wish. I think I will stick with masking and distancing. Along with washing hands and keeping masks washed or replaced as needed.
Be safe.


Excellent suggestion! My Nephew spent some time in Cuba before he moved to New Zealand and he told me Cuba has not only some of the best doctors in the world ( and he has been in over 100 countries in the world including Russia ) but a health care system that is next to none. Oh, I forgot too bad they are communists!.


Bit late on that one, try and find any case of punitive damages paid for vaccination injury.

I doubt they would even refund the $5.

Don’t take the “Brown Acid.”

Sounds like a good plan to me. Shame on the idiots who won’t even do that though

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If you ever need to sign a liability waiver for a vaccine you are no longer a patient, you are a test subject.


Can we imagine a car dealership asking you to sign a waiver in case your car has problems.
The opposite once again. That’s why we have warranties. To protect the consumer/patient, not the makers and medical persons.


Warranties? Man that is starting to sound like some communist socialist talk.

Ok. I give up. What’s the “brown acid”
Coca cola?

If Trump and his fellow racists and fascists get four more years how long before we hear this? TRUMP SAYS USE OF DEADLY FORCE AURTHORIZED FOR ALL FUTURE PROTESTS!

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We are already low key seeing this with the liberal use of “non-lethal” rubber bullets and lung destroying smoke. Biden won’t put a stop to this either by the way, he recently admitted we need to fund the police MORE. The sooner we accept that the police is the fascist’s private army the better.

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