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EU Turkey Summit: EU and Turkish Leaders Deal Death Blow to the Right to Seek Asylum



One must not leave out the thousands of LGBT that aren't just being in humanely, but many times face added hostility, abuse, oppression, and death!


There are a number of important things going on with respect to refugees in Europe. First, we must remember that NATO was in a large way, responsible fr the creation of the refugee exodus from Syria. It was NATO with American assistance, which bombed Libya into ruins and which consequently led to Libyan weapons of war falling into the hands of ISIS with the resulting refugee tragedy. Second, a number of European nations are faced with crimes against women which are shocking and which emanate from the young male Syrian refugees. This is unacceptable and must be dealt with immediately and harshly, if it is to be nipped in the bud. Shipping people back to a Muslim, if secular, governed nation may be the resolution as long as the refugees plight is financed to prevent an even worse problem!