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EU Votes Down 'Disastrous' Copyright Proposal Aimed at Transforming Internet Into Virtual 'Censorship Machine'


EU Votes Down 'Disastrous' Copyright Proposal Aimed at Transforming Internet Into Virtual 'Censorship Machine'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Digital rights activists on Thursday applauded the European Parliament's rejection of a broad new copyright law proposal which critics warned would threaten the open internet and result in widespread censorship and control of users.


Good on ya, MEPs who voted for their constituents. Would you kindly devote part of your summer break to teaching our Congress to do the same?

the USAns


At first this didn’t make any sense, until I thought-----oh if everything is copyrighted----then no one could repeat any thing that many elected officials say-------------or quote them. Why would anyone pay for news then? It would be like getting mush for every meal.


I have to admit that the Articles are interesting. Someone actually sat down and wrote these things up. Whomever they are definitely act as if the internet is theirs to dictate who does what and how. I would say that they are just Capitalists being themselves, but there is something else going on. It’s not for goverment, but news corporations, which is the real oddity. As for copyright infringement, though I disagree with it, it is logical, which is the ‘red herring’ part of the argument. I’m glad someone is paying attention. But all internet companies have to do is reroute the traffic like they do in America so the NSA, FBI, or CIA can pick up the traffic for recording so they can use their search engine software. I don’t know for sure, and hopefully I’m wrong, but time will tell.


This would totally shut down the web and internet. At first perplexing is why you would ever want to stop people from linking to you. That is like shutting off free advertising. Then there is the upload censor. That is the end of every kind of open speech.
The only thing I can imagine is that the dumbest rich 1% autocrats actually think they can be the sole source of supply (via single, central control) and are trying to cut out Google and Facebook (an probably preempt Amazon) legally instead of competitively. Then these companies would be the only face of “information” and ads you would see.
Essentially a dark-ages for the web and the entire concept of the web.
I’m hoping that Tim Berners-Lee’s “Solid” will work to take over as a distributed platform to continue with the original intent and promise of the web.


What you are suggesting makes it sound like they want to create a 21st century version of cable.


They do! One of the biggest shared images during the protests for the repeal of net neutrality was an info-graphic showing different plans for different collections of sites, like how cable is now. The old media empire hates the idea of there being an open platform where people can choose when and what content they can view.