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EU Watchdog Under Fire for Monsanto Analysis Copy/Pasted into Roundup Safety Report


EU Watchdog Under Fire for Monsanto Analysis Copy/Pasted into Roundup Safety Report

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Europe's food safety agency reportedly relied on a review that lifted language from a Monsanto report when concluding that the possible cancer-causing ingredient in the company's popular weed-killer Roundup is safe, raising concerns that the agency failed to properly analyze the pesticide's potential dangers.


I imagine someone at Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment is going to be very well off. That is the Monsanto modus operandi. They know no ethics and boundaries and have no respect for human welfare but they are kind of a model of American business enterprise. If that company is ever put out of business, it will be a bright day for the people of the US and for the rest of humanity.


A grave example of the long arm of Monsatan’s wealth and power bought ability to corrupt “regulatory” agencies and falsify evidence of their deadly poisons/carcinogens - public health be damned! Round-up is “one of the world’s most popular pesticides” and therefore insidious and pernicious to human health - especially children!
Whoever is responsible for this potentially deadly deception and falsification of facts must be identified and prosecuted and feel the full wrath of the state and public, or else the killer corporation will continue to kill people and other living things…Scumbag MoFo’s!

EU, do your jobs and ban this and all deadly poisons contaminating our world and people!


There are equally effective means to control weeds than resorting to anything from Monsatan. Try clove oil. And there are infinitely better economies other than capitalism. Eco-socialism to aid Mother Earth and put the capitalist criminals out of circulation.


White or apple cider vinegar are also effective but have to be directed on the weed only as the acid will also kill the grass. I also burn my weed patch in the spring when the soil is still damp and there is little chance of fire…using a small propane tank and a specially designed torch for week elimination…works very well.


Nice-- we really need Monsatan as we need the proverbial “hole in the head”!


Please correct the sub-headline [“Monsanto’s popular pesticide”]: Roundup is an herbicide, not an insecticide.


Those methods such as burning or other heat treatments will never create herbicide resistance in those weeds. Over time, Roundup and other herbicides become less and less effective, requiring different chemical cocktail formulations, often more toxic, to produce the desired result in weed control. Even simple tillage at the right time can eliminate weed pressure if needed. Farmers have been brainwashed by the seed and chemical companies to invest time and money on an agricultural theory that the chemical way of farming is better for the bottom line. Unfortunately, it’s generally better for Monsanto’s bottom line, rather than the farmers who buy into the chemical is better than nature propaganda.

The pharmaceutical industry seems to work on a similar theory, selling expensive drugs developed in a lab, often with no shortage of side effects, with promises to control or cure a health issue and make you healthy again. Just like simple remedies for weeds, alternative approaches to health care such as getting rid of GMOs from your diet, dumping the fast food lifestyle, and staying off the couch watching the TV, will often produce a better outcome than allowing your doctor to talk you into some expensive snake oil remedy that Big Pharma advertised in some media somewhere, explaining that you should ask your doctor.


My understanding of the problem with glyphospate is that it is toxic to the bacteria in our gut. We depend on these bacteria in many ways, including to supply us with essential amino acids (an explanation begins at 16:00 of SEEDS OF TRUTH with Dr Stephanie Seneff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU5FASJyDI4 . She explains that glyphospate depletes aromatic amino acids and methionine, disrupts gut bacteria, disrupts CYP enzymes, depletes important minerals, and likely impairs sulfate synthesis and sulfate transport.)

So yes, Monsanto is technically correct when they say that it is not toxic to us, but we depend on the health and make-up of the bacteria in our gut. Roundup changes the makeup of that bacteria and after a few months that begins to affect our health and will lead to some quite serious long-term problems. Seneff began the research that lead her to these conclusions when looking for an explanation for the dramatic increase in autism in recent years.


This isn’t about science – it’s about corruption of government and greed/control/monopoly.

Actually, it’s more about war: War by Monsanto/Food by Monsanto

Farmers’ crops are being contaminated and will actually be destroyed by Monsanto/glyphosate.

Capitalism is a danger to our food supply, to the bees, to farmers and consumers.

Capitalism is suicidal.

Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide May Be Most Important Factor in Development of Autism and Other Chronic Disease

In the video above, Jeffrey Smith, author of the bestseller Seeds of Deception, says Monsanto, during some reflective moment, must have asked “What would Darth Vader do?” Because what they’ve come up with is a way of pretending that they’re beneficial and then insinuating themselves into the food and agriculture industry, and now it turns out that what they have is very, very dangerous.

Indeed, according to Dr. Seneff, glyphosate is possibly “the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in Westernized societies,” including but not limited to:

Cancer, Parkinson’s, Infertility, Autism, Allergies, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Alzheimer’s, ALS …
Gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, colitis and Crohn’s disease