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Eugene V. Debs and the Urgent Need for a New Anti-War Movement


I’ve no doubt you’re fine with pro-war propaganda against Assad since he’s numer one with a bullet on Clinton’s hit list.

You and Clinton don’t learn from experience. You’re just ‘must depose evil enemy of Israel.’

And afterward? Oh, ‘must fight ISIS’ (who rush in to fill the power vacuum you created)… Must use military might against them. Spend billions.

Come to think of it, Clinton, ever in favor of pumping more money into the Military & Munitions industries, has learned. The suffering of the Iraqis, Afhans. Libyians and Syrians post-deposition - the unending war after - those are beneficial to her and her benefactors.

You’re the one who hasn’t learned.


Yes, this is waaay bigger than the joke selection in Nov. This is the People Rising, Rebelling, Resisting, finding their collective Power! The oppressors will be thrown OUT!


I’m sure you have that the wrong way round.

Debs is quite clear…vote for the socialist and he was critical of those “3rd parties” that would not commit to the socialist idea. Stein still supports the capitalist system, albeit she thinks it can be transformed into a humane and environmentally sustainable system. Debs would have none of that wishful thinking, recognising the inherent failings of capitalism as an economic system.

“Better far no party than a nondescript imitation of one, composed of so-called progressive and reform elements, more or less muddled, discordant, and wholly lacking in clear aim, definite object, and concerted purpose. A “third party” of such a nature would at best align the dwindling “little interests” against the “big interests,” seek to patch up and prolong the present corrupt and collapsing capitalist system, and failing utterly to effect any material change or achieve any substantial benefit would finally fizzle out and add one more to the list of “third party” fiascoes.”

Read him yourself


I think you’re wrong on Deb’s analysis of Johnson/Weld. They ( Rockefeller Republicans) are using these 2 the same way John Anderson was used in 1980. The difference, of course, is to maintain the current" status quo " under The Clintonistas. It’s insurance against white, right wing, crypto-fascist, coal-rollin’, knuckle-draggers usurping the effete, limp-wristed, white Ivy Leaguers who get the best looking and smartest of women in spite of being lousy in the sack, as they say.


I followed the links in the article to read some of E.V. Debs writing and speeches. In comparison B. Sander’s speeches and thoughts are insipid and uninspiring.


“Like all democratic projects of the past, the formation of a far-reaching and sustainable anti-capitalist, anti-war movement will take years of mass organization and mass action.”

The trouble with this article and so many others like it is the authors seem fearful of really telling it like it is. We no longer have years to take action! Our world is being destroyed before our very eyes right now by a plutocratic-oligarchy of a few greedy, narcissistic individuals controlling most of the world’s governments and wealth. We, numbering in the billions, had better very soon stand up to this fact. There are not enough bullets and bombs to stop us if we say enough and all act together.


“Almost immediately upon his release, Debs began his rise within the ranks of America’s radical circles, a rise that coincided with the formation of the Industrial Workers of the World and America’s Social Democratic Party, which shortly thereafter became the Socialist Party.”

Organizing and working within political parties falls into the oligarchy’s trap. Into a system that provides easily corrupted leaders.

Did Debs believe that the 200 year old Swiss Canton System of direct democracy only works in small countries? Some still do notwithstanding the tremendous potential of secure online voter initiatives and referendums that circumvent corrupt leaders.


I found that article yesterday because I’ve started visiting Shadowproof directly lately, so I don’t miss the good stuff that doesn’t make it to Common Dreams. I agree it was a great article, and extremely relevant to Common Dreams readers. It was largely a critique of one writer spouting common falsehoods, and I thought another recent Keven Gosztola piece was even better:



YES, absolutely, the Power of the People Rising, and also connecting with our Earth Mother is far greater than the oppressors!


“Resistance during the Obama administration has arguably weakened further, as Democratic partisans remain silent in the interest of proper political etiquette and as the anti-war left remains marginalized, without a voice in the mainstream.”

– Well, that’s not quite correct. The anti-war left had Cindy Sheehan. And the Dems did not remain silent, but ACTIVELY went out of their way to shut her up after standing true to her anti-war principles and she began criticized Obama, who after three days in office began his drone strikes. Ohhh how the Dems loved using Sheehan as long as Bush and Cheney were in office, but promptly changed their tune once Obama got in.

This tells me the Dems aren’t anti-war at all, but will keep the facade up in order to gain votes when expedient. Meanwhile, Cindy Sheehan is still plugging away at it – but how many “liberals” are paying attention?


You’re right! Dr. William Pepper proved it and has updated his book. Link here: https://www.amazon.com/Plot-Kill-King-Behind-Assassination/dp/1510702172/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1474678278&sr=1-1&keywords=william+pepper


If Eugene V. Debs were alive today Jill Stein and myself would probably be voting for him (and a Socialist Party).