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Eulogy for Politwoops


Eulogy for Politwoops

Christopher Gates

In 2012, Twitter made the decision to allow Sunlight to curate the deleted tweets from lawmakers and those seeking elected office. Last night all that changed.

When we launched Politwoops three years ago, our goal was to create accountability and a public record for the messages elected officials and candidates for president, vice president, Congress and governor published on social media, particularly those public statements they delete.


It’s harder to change the past while it’s still accessible.

We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.


I assume your tongue is in cheek, as ctrl_z’s certainly is? Because that’s obviously a hopeless plan. Most people know less than I do about the “important events” mentioned, like “yesterday’s article on Facebook”, of which I know nothing… But I do like the idea that somewhere there’s a place to double-check, if only for all those lazy journalists these days who haven’t the faintest concept on how to do their own research.