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'Europe Condemns People to Drown' by Forcing MSF Ship to Cease Migrant Rescue Missions


'Europe Condemns People to Drown' by Forcing MSF Ship to Cease Migrant Rescue Missions

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After a long standoff and amid an ongoing global refugee crisis, European nations led by anti-immigrant Italian politicians have forced a migrant rescue ship that has saved tens of thousands of people trapped in international waters between Libya, Italy, and Malta to cease operations.


The EU is complicit to the migrations that threaten so many. war, economic exploitation, poverty, violence, famine and climate change all drive the search for a better, secure life, but little is done to halt the causes of migration.

Trillions are spent on wars and the weapons of death, little is being done to fight poverty and famine in places where migrants originate, and the talk of a “plan” by 2050 is obscene diversion to benefit the wealthiest while the poorest and most affected by those adversities starve and die - the wealthy nations play at humanitarian efforts, but that is largly a sham. If the goal is ending migrations and its victims the world must undergo a sea-change in morality, focus and action…either we all survive together or none will…the wealthy, living lives of obscene ease, will sooner or later become victims themselves if no strong action is taken…


Racism is an integral part of fascism. Not only the US is in the grip of fascist ideology but as usual most of European countries follow their 'master’s ’ trend.It is estimated that so far approx. 40.000 human beings have been killed in cold blood either drowning (or being drowned) in the Mediterranean Sea, in camps behind barbed wire, and in asylum units. The depopulation by design continues here at home and abroad…


Europe , and in particular France and England, continue to see Africa as thier colonies , intended to extract wealth from to bring back home even as that wealth extraction leads to more poverty.

When Libya toppled it was France that encouraged other member nations of NATO to participate as France was worried about losing dominance in territories it once claimed as their own. This was all due to Qaddaffi proposing to use a Gold based Dinar in Africa.

When France left Africa they forced ex Colonies to pay “reparations” claiming that France having built infrastructure in those Countries had to be compensated. france claims this a Colonial debt (France should be paying reparations not vice versa) and under this arrangement those Countries are forced to keep their reserve Currencies in deposit inside France. France takes a cut of this each and every year and can sieze the entirety of the funds at will.

The estimate is over 500 billion of African foreign currences are kept in France and France allows these Countries access to only 15 percent per year maximum.


France also collects compensation from Haiti because when Haiti overthrew the French in a revolution , France claimed the loss of is slave was a loss of property. Can you imagine Germany demanding the US and West Europe pay it compensation for the loss of the slave labor they used in those concentration camps?

Meanwhile, in Sub Saharan Africa, Corporations based in Saudi Arabia, China, The USA and Europe are buying up masses of land and turning the people off it in order to grow food for export to those Countries. Mining companies from Canada, The US, and Europe all claim mining concessions inside Africa as “private property” and seek to exploit it to line the pockets of the 1 percent with more lucre. The US sets up military bases here so “Brave US Soldiers fighting for freedom and liberty” can help those Corporations steal that wealth by killing any that oppose these actions.


I recently posted a Robin Hood depiction that fits here quite nicely. Isn’t it uncomfortable to realize your own country, it’s president, and it’s soldiers are the mirror image of (Nottingham, the sheriff and his men). A tyrant with the power to raid the countryside, destroy, and pillage at will with no consequence.
Trouble is, there seems to be no Robin Hood on anyone’s horizon.


The sight of others suffering causes most of us to feel uncomfortable, and naturally so, as we’re social animals with the gift of empathy. Our discomfort moves us to seek out solutions aimed at relieving their suffering, and so society improves.

The sociopaths among us, however, respond to the suffering of others with anger at having been discomfitted. Their solutions are aimed at relieving themselves of any obligation to act selflessly. And thus we observe such phenomena as:
–supermarkets being forced to pour bleach onto their spoiled/outdated food to discourage dumpster-diving:
–public benches and other hardscapes redesigned to discourage sleeping;
–arrests and fines for people who leave bottles of water for migrants in the Sonoran desert, on the charge of “littering;”
–and yes, letting people drown at sea, for the crime of fleeing intolerable circumstances.

So: how to end the rule by sociopaths (the rich and powerful few) and usher in a new age of rule by empaths (the rest of us)? How to end punishment of the suffering, and how to bring about their enduring relief? How then, in short, to build a world in which others will be treated as we would wish to be?


Apparently people are not following their religious beliefs. Three quarters or the worlds religions practice peace and decent treatment of one another. Then why isn’t it so? Because we are faithless pretenders, yet base much of our warring on religious beliefs. Hypocrites.


Over population is at the crux of all problems facing this planet. The habitual earth is getting smaller while population explodes and no where to go for most.

It is insane to recreate at this point in time.

These migrants are human beings that are suffering the world makes their suffering greater… what a inhumane world we live in but what do they say “survival of the fittest”. The greed and power hungry oligarchs have no mercy and insanely irresponsible about the planet.


“European values” has a hauntingly hollow ring to it


Relying on “beliefs” to overcome our profound primal and spiritual habits of violence makes hypocrites of everyone.

“Liberal” “secular humanists” who believe only in principles like liberty, equity and democracy betray themselves as surely as do religious followers when they personally feel the pinch of material loss, pain and death.

(Ex: the vast majority of Western Europeans now disavow religious belief and practice.

The vast majority of Western Europeans find their “salvation” instead in human rationality, in our capacity to mentally engineer society in order to meet the material needs of all citizens in a reasonably equitable fashion.

Strong belief in liberty, equity and democracy does not stop Western Europeans from greeting with hatred and violence migrants from parts of the world long enslaved, robbed and poisoned in order to enable Western Europe’s highly consumptive lifestyles.

Strong belief in liberty, equity, and democracy does not stop Western Europeans from closing their borders and allowing climate migrants to drown at sea rather than attempt to re-engineer their societies to share their much-vaunted material wealth and stability with those beyond their human-engineered borders.

Western Europeans’ belief in liberty, equity and democracy readily bows down before older, darker urges when confronted with ongoing and apparently inescapable threats to their highly consumptive material lifestyles.)

Beliefs of any kind will never suffice to overcome those older, darker urges when we are confronted with inescapable threats to our physical survival.

Relying on “belief” under our present circumstances is like facing into a tsunami with a kayak paddle…

Yes, within every human being is a Force that encompasses and can therefore surf the tsunami. Within every human being is a Force that CAN overcome our ancient tendency toward violence. But to reveal, grow and live from that center requires a persistent labor of Love, a great work of Self-Mastery.

Most modern humans have simply not been interested in this great work. Most have been content to live as if we were merely physical and mental beings, as if we have no purpose in being here beyond satisfaction of our physical and mental desires.

Now the great crisis of the Sixth Mass Extinction comes upon us all. And most modern humans are frantically looking around for something—anything—that will allay their terror of pain, loss and death.

(Not to mention, guilt and shame—but most modern humans are such hypocrites that they won’t even acknowledge that they feel these in the face of this awful destruction. “I don’t feel guilty! It’s not MY fault! It’s those nasty corporations, those nasty political leaders! I’m a nice person, a good person—I did everything I could!”)

Too late, too late—two little words no egocentric human being likes to hear. Two little words almost no modern human can accept at face value.

“It can’t be! There must be a way we can fix this! A Green New Deal! Universal Basic Income! A declaration that our non-human relations also have rights! Surely, there must be something we can DO!”

Nope. We simply can’t fix any of the mess we’ve created from within the mode of consciousness that created it.

And for those who are just now waking up to what a mess it is, and how inadequate to resolve it all our existing mental strategies are, it might indeed be too late. For this lifetime, at least…

Maybe there really is nothing to “do”—except let the obvious immediacy of death strip us of all our vain delusions. Let the obvious immediacy of death strip away everything we were sure we were, everything we were sure we knew, everything we were sure we had to have…

Since our species has never faced an evolutionary bottleneck quite like this one—7.6 billion of us staring our extinction in the face—we don’t know what might happen if we took such a simple but radical action, do we? What might happen if all those who can no longer deny that this is our situtation simply took death as a counselor, and learned something new about Who We Really Are in the process?

At the very least, this gesture might enable us to greet death with honor and dignity, rather than going down fighting Truth all the way, and thus taking more and more of our relations with us. At the very least, such a gesture might enable us to greet death with some Self-respect!

We don’t know what would happen if we simply looked death in the eye, en masse.

But we sure as hell know what happens as we go on refusing to do so.


Great observations and questions.

There actually are answers to those excellent questions.

Unfortunately, they are hidden in the very last place most modern humans will ever consider looking…

Although my reply to Gandolf here is rather somber—and long—I hope you’ll read and consider it.

For such True and painful questions deserve good answers. I’d like every person who dares to ask them share the joy that I have been experiencing in finding them.

Asking such questions, and finding answers to them, has been the focus of my life since my dad was murdered when I was 10 (41 years ago).

The greatest pain of my life has been discovering that most people were not interested. They didn’t want to feel into these agonizing questions about our species’ terrible propensity for violence; they didn’t want to learn that there were answers, but that living them would require a radical shift in their experience of Self and World.

Now the crisis of consciousness known as the Sixth Mass Extinction bears down on us all, and suddenly, many more people seem interested in such questions.

It seems that most are still unwilling to accept that there are answers, though—because, apparently, the devil we already know so well is preferable to the unknown Divinity within us…

And here is the one place I disagree with your comment. I do not observe that sociopathic behaviors are found among only a small percentage of humans. I see them as common to virtually all modern humans—variations are more a matter of style and scale than of substance. We have a global plague of sociopathic “leaders” because we deny and thus routinely empower the sociopath in ourselves, in our families, in our small-scale social relations.

The fact that such horrid behaviors are within as well as all around us scares and offends us so badly we turn away. Where we are forced to acknowledge that human violence really is that bad, we project it onto “others”—and thus perpetually fail to grok where those sociopathic habits come from, how they can and do coexist with our Natural social mammalian empathy, and how these violent habits can be transformed.

If you’re really ready for the answers, they are there for you. And I pray you open to them soon. For living with such painful questions without even the sense that real answers exist is awful.

Best wishes to you on your journey of Self-revelation!


So are you saying we are greedy humans who go to war over that greed and even though we have an innate ability to live in peace it likely won’t happen unless we are in equal status? And even are likely to end up fighting over what we don’t possess at any given moment anyway?


Umm…yes, and no.

I fear I do not fully understand your question…it would be easier to reply if we were live, but I’ll give it a go.

Yes, I recognize our species’ innate and unique capacity for making peace and making Love—as well as making war.

Yes, I see that, in the fullness of time, the former capacity will subsume the latter.

I am also saying that no existing mental ideas or ideals, such as “equality”, will be sufficient to effect the necessary transformation.

Such mental ideals have proven to be necessary—but also innately and utterly insufficient—to remake our species’ tendency toward violence.

Our species’ recent intensive—almost exclusive—focus on its mental, vital and physical being demonstrates clearly that such a Self-image is insufficient to transform our unique difficulties with violence. Our species’ inadequate Self-understanding is the root cause of all the destruction we have wreaked on all our relations here during the modern period.

Among the insane and destructive errors that our present mode of Self-recognition has introduced is this: a mortal, animal species that refuses to accept injury, illness, death or any other form of Earthy constraint. A mortal, animal species whose individual components fight death vociferously and irrationally—a species that has, through its willingness to consume anything and everything in its attempt to cheat death, brought death to all here on a scale our pre-modern ancestors could probably not have imagined.

All our fine and elaborated mental ideas and ideals have proven utterly insufficient to stay our tendency to destroy anything and everything in an attempt to avoid confrontation with the challenges of our mortality.

So, will more or better mental ideas and ideals improve this situation? It seems illogical to me to believe this is so.

It is far more logical to conclude that this approximation of two-legged hominid consciousness—an approximation I call mental supremacy, because it forms the basis for all other forms of supremacy (male, white, tribal, nationalist)—has run its course.

It is far more logical to conclude that either 1) this species will face the fate it has willingly visited on so many of our relations—exctinction—and that Earth will, at some point, begin this experiment again de novo, or 2) that this species will be replaced from within, by rare variants who are already capable of embodying a more complete and ecological Self-understanding.

This observation is common within many diverse disciplines of the science of consciousness. From modern-day mystics Ike Sri Aurobindo and The Mother to pre-modern Seers among the the Hopi and other First Nations folk of North America, many have noted that our present form is not (as The Mother put it) “the last rung of the terrestrial creation.”

The Hopi suggest that a new species, whom they (as well as many other First Nations folk of North America) name “Warriors of the Rainbow” will arise without/before the total extcintion of the existing human species. Their venerable wisdom streams suggest that these new humans will emerge from obscurity as the whole Earth appears to be dying—her Waters poisoned, her air and soils fouled—and teach humanity how to regenerate ourselves and the rest of Earthy life.

An identical understanding is expressed within the 10,000 year old West African tradition known as Ifa (“the Way of Nature”). “If the world becomes rotten in our time, it is because we ourselves have forgotten how to behave,” relates the Sacred Ifa Odu Ofun Osa. The world which has “flown off its pivot into space” and “cracked like a calabash” can be renewed only through the aid of the “perfect person”, who arrives from the hill of Itase (Dawn) to renew the character of humanity through Primordial Wisdom.

Besides the certainty that we will not continue as we have lately been, another unifying understanding within many diverse wisdom streams is this: every human being is blessed with free will. Every human will choose, is choosing, or has already chosen: will they be part of the seeding of a new species, or not?

A key criterion for participation in the advent of a new species is this: do you grok that you, and we, are more than physical, vital and/or mental beings? Do you grok that there is an intelligence at work with/in this Earthy evolution that far surpasses our limited human comprehension and grasp? Or will you insist that we are as good as it gets, and that, by our position on the top of the terrestrial heap, we are endowed with the “right” to destroy others in our daily round?

Can you face into mortality with courage, integrity, and grace, knowing that what you Truly are lives on? Or will you insist that life begins and ends with what your material senses readily perceive, that you are effectively erased by death? Will you insist that since erasure is an affront to you, you have the ”right” to fight it by any means necessary?

If you’re in the latter camp, you can’t contribute to the advent of a new/improved human species. All you can do is continue our habit of making war on everyone and everything out of our inchoate frustration with our strange human situation…

That is why my last reply to you focused so intensively on death.

For surely, anyone who will not even face the facts now presenting themselves so baldly to our instruments of Mind and Life—the fact that our own behvior has brought on the Sixth Mass Exctinction, the fact that this great dying must surely take most, if not all, of us with it in due time, the fact that something deep within everyone of us has contributed to this conundrum—if you can’t face into death with honesty and dignity now, you’re not in a good position to contribute to the creation of a species that could do better than we have.

If you perceive yourself only as part of the solution—if you perceive. the problem of the Sixth Mass Extinction as lying with all those “other people”, you’re still addicted to what Bob Marley so trenchantly called “the ism/schism game”. You can’t help out with ending violence, ending war, forever, while you’re compulsively playing that game…

So yeah, I am saying that the present human species, despite its capacity for Love- and peacemaking, has destroyed itself through our failure to open to and work for a sufficiently radical Self-Knowledge to transform our destructive tendencies from the roots.

I am saying again that mental ideas and ideals like equality will not save us. They are the kayak paddle in the tsunami I spoke of in my last reply to you.

A transfiguration that goes well beyond the spread of good ideas and ideals is necessary to us.

Good mental ideas and ideals may even get in the way of this required change, for they may blind us to how profound the required change must be. The intellect can blind us to both a multitude of sins and a multitude of transformative possibilities. Those who see the human mind as the only, or at least the greatest, power on the Earth block, are not in a good position to help us go beyond ourselves.

Because the change required is radical, many—especially many who are aged now—will find participating in it from within their existing bodies to be impossible. And really, doesn’t everyone know, from within, that 7.6 billion fierce human predators is too many?

Facing into the imminent reality of our own death, and into the imminent possibility of our species’ total extinction, may be the best gift many of us alive now can give to those coming after us.

I hope this answers your question.