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Europe is Disintegrating While Its Ctizens Watch Indifferent


Europe is Disintegrating While Its Ctizens Watch Indifferent

Roberto Savio

We are witnessing the slow agony of the dream of European integration, disintegrating without a single demonstration occuring anywhere, among its 500 millions of citizens. It is clear that European institutions are in an existential crisis but the debate is only at intergovernmental level.


The bankers won when they cobbled together the EU. If it disintegrates, they shall surely win again. Such is their nature.


The Europeans that I know are hardly indifferent.


Maybe citizens of EU nations are finally waking up to the loss of their sovereignty?


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Europe has a complex history of nationalistic aggression, rampant avarice that led to the colonization of much of the world, and ruthless subjugation of indigent peoples globally. The fact that many Europeans have renounced these practices is admirable and laudable. Unfortunately, not enough, apparently--especially the leadership. It seems all too easy to slide back into the ugliness of yonder. Europe needs to wake up from its comfortable lethargy largely brought on by enjoying the fruits of past excesses, and realize that its hold on social justice and democratic governance is slipping. And BTW--the same applies to the US, Europe's cultural offspring.


"It become clear that the countries which were under the Soviet Union, joined the EU purely for economic reasons, and did not identify with the so called European values, the basis for the founding treaties. Solidarity was not only ignored, but actively rejected..."

This is so true. The inclusion of the Eastern Bloc countries was rushed through far to quickly and the massive influx of immigrants from those countries to Western Europe is one of the biggest causes of the rise of right wing groups and anti-EU sentiment. These former Eastern Bloc EU citizens are quick to cry accusations of 'racism' and prejudice should they be unwelcome or hampered in this, yet they themselves aren't very welcoming to the Syrian refugees. Ah humanity!