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Europe’s Border Policy is Designed to Push Refugees into the Sea


Europe’s Border Policy is Designed to Push Refugees into the Sea

Rania Khalek

Shortly before a huge migrant boat disaster early this month, The Sun, a daily paper owned by Rupert Murdoch, published a column by British TV star and rightwing provocateur Katie Hopkins calling migrants “cockroaches” and “a plague of feral humans.”


It’s a more heavily armed version of the earlier “Enclosure Movement” designed to keep serfs off nobles’ property.

I noticed this parallel, too:

“(US Border Patrol employs a similar policy of “deterrence” at the US-Mexico border, where the wall funnels migrants into the most dangerous desert terrain, where many die of thirst on the perilous trek from Mexico to the US.)”

The Berlin Wall comes down to major world celebration and then neo-liberal policies falsely described as “Free Trade” added to spreading wars CREATE the refugee problem that draws all of these displaced individuals towards the lands of would-be plenty and would-be opportunity. The tragically displaced (souls) seek solace inside the lands occupied by leadership elites that have DESIGNED the ongoing spread of misery and destruction… cause for what’s uprooted the hordes of 21st century nomads.

Solution: They build armed walls and border fences.

As the Piketty Study proves, so much of the world’s wealth has been ENGINEERED into so few hands, those belonging to this century’s pharaoh class. Were that money to be more fairly distributed, it would fund all the schools, farms, and green jobs that would make for sustainable planetary systems and related infrastructure. No need for wars: refugee problem solved!

This is all karmic blowback. And there is a special place in hell for those so lacking in compassion as to blame persons whose homes have been incinerated, their families full of grief for loved ones, and facing hunger… by describing them as cockroaches and setting up a narrative (no doubt to be repeated often) in place to “justify” the abuse of those who have been so brutally victimized by such ungodly policies.

Similar to Fox News versions of events in Ferguson and Baltimore, emphasis is made to demonize those who have destroyed property. But the back-story that explains how profoundly the racist boot has stood upon the lives, dignity, and allowable opportunities allotted to the Black (target) community is NEVER explained.

The media pushes a black-white narrative or what Robert Parry earlier described as “black hats” and “white hats” with respect to how the news narrative was shaped around events in Ukraine.

These simplistic frames are designed to hide the truth and stoke righteous anger directed at those already feeling The Pain.


What started as an article about the EU refugee crisis, soon degenerates into an anti-semetic rant, the usual modus operandi of Rania Khalek. Talk about being stuck in a groove. No matter what she writes about everything comes back to this same theme. For god’s sake change the record and let go your own pro-muslim, hateful, racist, tribalism that you accuse everyone else of being possessed of. Not every problem in the world is due to the state of Israel and the jews.