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Europe’s Refugee Crisis: Bridges, Not Fences, Are the Answer


Europe’s Refugee Crisis: Bridges, Not Fences, Are the Answer

Françoise Sivignon, Janice Hughes

The inability of the European Union to agree a meaningful response to the current migrant crisis is not only disgraceful, it risks defining the Union’s legacy as a spectacular failure.

After the Second World War, Europeans joined hands to build bridges, working together to create societies in which fundamental rights and shared values would be cornerstones.


Here is the beginning of what appears to be an inescapable future that may be closer than we think. The good doctors rightfully show their concern for the plight of refugees of today and offer a plea to our humanity for the troubles to come.

This crisis seems so tiny compared to what will follow. Not that it is of lesser importance. I mean tiny in the numbers of refugees attempting to flee. Here we have 200,000 this year but is it so hard to imagine 200 million with global warming destabilizing civilization? The media is fond of saying that sea level rise may thrust 150 million people into refugee status. That is the high end number we read these days. However that number is from sea level rise (the media also fails to mention internal refugees in European countries or America or Asia thrown back from the coasts. All those mega cities near the coast even without external refugees attempting access? Yikes.

I'll be a refugee. Odd thinking like that ya' know? Sea level rise is inevitable and so is my being a refugee because of it.

But forget me (lucky to live in the First World West) and even if sea level rise is slow enough to allow for a more orderly refugee displacement... what about the drought that we see worsening every year?

On top of that 150 million displaced by sea level rise add 200 or 300 million desperate people forced by famine and thirst to be on the move.

So Europe is building fences are they? They think that will work do they? Stopping Global Warming QUICKLY (yeah there is that...we need to get off oil fast not a few decades from now) will fix the refugee problem or at least keep it from precipitating a horrific chaos like anything humanity has ever had to cope with on such a scale.

So when Paris comes along ...watch and see what the fence builders decide.


And then there is Iceland. With less population than the city of Pittsburgh, Iceland has authorized the settlement of 18,000 Syrian refugees (I wonder if they would take in the remainder of the never formally charged so they can never be tried permanent captives of the American concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay Cuba).
The Scandinavian countries have resettled many thousands from North and Central Africa as well. Places like Alaska, Arctic Canada, Siberia, Mongolia, and Australia have lots of wide open spaces that could accommodate human life--what is lacking is not the means, but rather the will to act.


In all of the following, protocols emitted from and put into operation directly by the 1%--the group that controls the policies enacted by political operators--suggest a committed interest to cull the human herd:

  1. Vaccine programs that pump Mercury and all kinds of untested toxins into babies' not yet developed bodies (and immune systems)
  2. Genetically modified "food" stuffs being passed around without warning labels while the gen. tech corn ends up poured into so many products as "corn syrup" leading to a global obesity epidemic
  3. Weapons purposely sold to unjust regimes and a long line of tyrants who use them (Saudi Arabia) on their own citizens
  4. Virtually nothing done--in the form of a concerted international effort financing the best of scientific minds--to quell Fukushima's toxic radiation's flow into the Pacific
  5. Virtually nothing done to wean the world's industrial engines from fossil fuels even though there are 8.1 million acres of burning forests in the U.S. West, alone
  6. Transferring phenomenal sums of hot-off-the-presses redi-money to Banks and Wall St. while so many families can't make ends meet due to ridiculous low wages and a stagnant minimum wage
  7. Purposely decimating Iraq while fomenting the spread of wars in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, and possibly, Ukraine

With priorities like these--every one of them life-negating--there is no other conclusion to come to other than that a decision was made by elites to "let them die." That explains the callous disregard for these unfortunate souls displaced by wars of choice, financial machinations, and global warming trends.

If compassion were part of the calculus, or there was evidence of the remotest respect for humanitarian laws, NONE of this could happen.