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Europe Squabbles While Refugees Die


Europe Squabbles While Refugees Die

Thalif Deen, IPS News

UNITED NATIONS - As tens of thousands of refugees continue to flee conflict-ridden countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, Western European governments and international humanitarian organisations are struggling to cope with a snowballing humanitarian crisis threatening to explode.

Hungary is building a fence to ward off refugees. Slovakia says it will accept only Christian refugees, triggering a condemnation by the United Nations.


Harvest of empire explains how the US military and militarization push refugees north in the Americas.

Endless US war is about to destroy European morality and democracy the same way it did in the US.


This is so sad. Humanity at its lowest whenever it says "we have it better than you and we don't want to share."

What future beckons like a vulture circling overhead?

Where will they go those who have no where to turn?

When will it end when it is just beginning and it is already this bad?

Why do we pretend this will solve the problem while knowing that it will not?

What future beckons like a vulture circling overhead?


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And her name is Victoria Nuland.


If the U.S. were as civilized an empire as the Roman Empire, all citizens of countries in which the U.S. has troops would be issued U.S. passports.


Citizenship in Rome's Empire had benefits, I don't think you can really say that about US citizenship anymore. frowning


I dont think that Rome handed out citizenship quit that freely.