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'Europe, This is Unbearable': Deadly Crossings Drive Migrant Fatalities to New Heights



"The casualties happened in three separate incidents on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after more than 13,000 people set sail from Libya for Italy in an eight-day period"


Even Lady Macbeth could see the blood on her hands. It is impossible to imagine Clinton muttering "out damned spot". With the gore still dripping from her fingers her only pronouncement was "we came, we saw, he died."

These pitiful refugees flee the bloody horrors foisted on them by Obama and Clinton. There is no end to the blood dripping from their hands.

Sanders 2016!


What's truly sickening is that one will probably be the next POTUS while the other will be making millions in speaking fees when his term is finished.


Hillary will care about the body count of her depraved actions in Libya the day that a cruise line owner/donor complains about the annoying cadavers befowling the view of customers.


A simple, long term solution to this problem. Stop destroying countries.
Stop creating refugees!


then we must accept the only alternative:

send ferries to Libyan ports and invite all aboard who wish to reach Europe. And of course accept the consequences. Which of course will be a queue at the ferry ports several million people long.
I make no excuses for the insane times we live in, offer no solutions, because in any rational sense there are none, merely point out the logical conclusions:



The numbers may numb the mind

They must never numb the soul


You have to wonder how this situation will be resolved. It will only continue to happen until some solution is worked out! I think you are right that some place be set aside for refugees. There are refugee camps in Africa that handle hundreds of thousands and perhaps those kind of large long term refugee camps need to be created in Europe. Certainly something must be done to alleviate this suffering and desperation.

Meanwhile why don't they bring plastic garbage bags that they could inflate as flotation devices or each person carry a gallon water jug which they could empty and hold on to keeping them afloat until rescued?


PLEASE stop this hypocrisy!! Please!!!

Most of the refugees are the direct result of US political interventions.

Europe is simply cleaning up the American-caused mess. America's poodle and Troyan horse in Europe, the UK, are hardly taking anyone, although they co-caused this mayhem. The rest of Europe did NOT.

America ought to take millions of them, like in the "polluter pays principle".

The very last thing Europeans need is any wisecracking from the USA. THIS is unbearable.

Take the refugees you've caused. Period.


This is crazy. Who is telling whole continents to make suicidal trips to Europe, deceiving them to do the trekking and crossing as if they would be welcome in a small continent such as Europe?


In casting all blame on the USA and exonerating Europe you would be very wrong.

It was France that lobbied for the toppling of Qaddaffi. In the emails released by wikileaks Ms Clintom mentioned France wanted to reassert french influence in North Africa as they feared that Libya would lead the rest of the Continent to adopting the gold based Dinar.

Major Oil Corporations in Europe and the USA also wanted a bigger cut of the Libyan Oil revenues and stated as much directly to their Governments. Added to that the French water Company Suez looked with envy on Qaddafi's state owned water project which was to use water from reservoirs under the Libyan desert to green that country. Suez felt that water should belong to private enterprise.


There aren't too many Americans or Europeans who can possibly imagine the extreme desperation felt by refugees who are willing to take such a dangerous voyage. However, I would like to get more information about what those refugees think they're going to, since so many of the European camps are also in desperate condition. They've either not gotten the word, or are truly in fear for their lives . . . probably the latter.


Interviews with some of the refugees have confirmed that many face certain death if they stay. Attempting to get to Europe betters those odds to facing possible death. Faced with two bad choices they choose the least bad.


There are many things to focus on and to find intolerable but one of the things that really upsets me in the local news and in this article, is calling the refugees 'migrants.' This is totally dissing their plight and motive for leaving. This is new and is intended to minimize the dire situation in which these people are forced to flee their homes. Not packing up and making a decision to relocate. Grrrrr.


Hi Andrew - My feeling is they do it to discount the peril these people are in and to make it easier to send them back. The language has positive connotations that favour 'refugees' and there's a much more negative, appealing to nativist sentiments, these days for the term 'migrants.' Refugees might have no choice in their actions, migrants implies they do.


Under international laws "refugees" are recognized as having rights over and above what migrants have. The UN member nations entered into a treaty in 1951 that recognized righrs of Refugees over and above migrants wherein Countries fled to and the international community were obligated to offer aid and sanctuary.


When you've lost your home, your work, food, water, and are shuttled from one place to another, shot or shot at, you lose all the philosophical reasons to stay or go. You run and run and run. Every time you stop, someone else wants a piece of you, or wants to kill you, or move you on to somewhere else. You lose family members, especially your children, so you run, and run, and run. Finally you die. Drowning, disease, starvation, thirst, death camps. It makes little difference. You run because you have no hope, other than that there must be somewhere else where all of the above does not happen, but it does for most.
* Stop destroying countries. Stop creating refugees.


Just as the word, 'migrants', was used to described black Americans fleeing the South and its KKK, to seek refuge in the Northern Cities of America; the same mis-applied word, 'migrants', is used to describe those African people, fleeing the tyranny of ISIS, and 'deflates' the urgency and importance of their situation, as it was done to black Americans; and 'paints' a false picture of them 'migrating' to seek better opportunities; when in reality, they are frantically seeking shelter to save their lives, and the lives of their love ones, from the Terror occurring in their homelands!!