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European Court Confirms Polish Complicity in CIA Rendition and Torture


European Court Confirms Polish Complicity in CIA Rendition and Torture


WASHINGTON - The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has today confirmed its judgement that Poland actively assisted the CIA’s European “black site” programme, which saw detainees held and tortured in secret prisons across the Continent.

In July 2014, the ECHR had ruled that Poland “facilitated” the torture, secret detention and unlawful transfer of Abu Zubaydah, who is now held in Guantanamo Bay.



Yes they are but also concerning those nations that were complicit in US war crimes. It is time for the dam to break and Polish officials to be facing jail time. Once this occurs, if it occurs the pressure will be on for other nations to come clean. I believe Bulgaria was also involved wasn’t it, or was it Romania and one of the Baltic states as well. The UK had better batten down the hatches as it was definitely an ally in torture and those officials or former officials should be arrested and tried for war crimes. You know what this is all leading up to don’t you? In the end it is the American officials who were mostly responsible, and they must pay for their crimes with or without the consent of the US government. One way or another these despicable individuals must face justice! Although a form of justice would occur if the former American president and vice-president and their toadies were charged before an international court and found guilty even in absentia, it would be so much better to have them in the docket facing justice for their evil crimes. Either way the arrest warrants will be out on them and they will be running for their lives until they drop dead from exhaustion. You see rendition can work both ways!