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European Far-Right Dealt Blow in Austrian Presidential Election

European Far-Right Dealt Blow in Austrian Presidential Election

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Austria's far-right presidential candidate Norbert Hofer—who some thought might benefit from a so-called "Trump bump" at the polls—conceded defeat on Sunday, paving the way for "liberal-minded" Alexander Van der Bellen to step into the presidency.

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Van der Bellen is a Green, but unlike Stein, who congratulated the brexit campaign, he supports the EU against the nationalist and racist campaigns.

I know, Stein supporters are going to say that is a lie. Without explanation Stein simply elided some of her fulsome celebration of the racist brexit campaign later.

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Van der Bellen: “This is about values: freedom, equality, and solidarity. Also to include those that don’t do that well in the current economic system.”

What we need is genuine Left populism, not the brand of “liberal-minded” or “left-leaning” candidate who totally adheres to the destructive economic model that is eating the Earth and crushing cultures everywhere.

We don’t need to be “included” in “the current economic system” we need to utterly transform the current economic system. For extremely critical ecological and social reasons.

Unless and until we mount serious political challenges that put these cards on the table for all to see, then even when the milquetoast “tolerant” neoliberal globalization advocates win elections they will keep paving the way for right-wing nativist populists.

Just as has happened in the USA over the past four decades.

The economic populism of the Sanders campaign had a big piece of what’s needed. The Corbyn leadership of British Labour is a more comprehensive model of the platform we need.