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European Mining Dispute Illustrates Risks of Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals


European Mining Dispute Illustrates Risks of Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Offering a stark warning of how corporate-friendly trade pacts like the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) put both democracy and the environment at risk, a Canadian company is seeking damages from Romania after being blocked from creating an open-pit gold mine over citizen concerns.


Why not an open air nuclear reactor FFS? Capitalism is doing a piss poor job of selling itself at this time and is being maintained largely by strong arm tactics posing as “free” trade. The only thing that seems free is the corporate subsidies.


Centrist voters need to look in the mirror and see the clear fascist image of neoliberalism looking right back at them. They may be well dressed, they may be nice people at a dinner party, but superficial politics makes us all accessories to murder and mass poisoning because we support conventional status quo economics. Strange how “nice people” aren’t really nice.


This is exactly the blueprint TTIP will follow.
The only difference will be the number of cowards voting in favor.
Bernie/Warren is looking better every day.


Time for people to wake up to the ISDS part of the Free Trade Treaty. People who are informed and in the know need to start sharing the info with people everywhere. The TPP and TTIP and TISA need to be stopped.
All nations involved will lose their sovereignty to corporations. Five of the 29 Chapters in the TPP treaty are about trade. Do not let your Congress person tell you it is necessary for trade. Congress needs to turn it down and start over and just talk trade.
Our Congress and President are possibly committing treason. What they are doing is against the Constitution.


Don’t forget the Bushes and your Republican Congress is all over it. Most of them voted for fast track. The no votes came from the Dems. And the blue boys are traitors.


“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Free trade” treaties and the “New World Order” 1% domination can be viewed as synonymous. TTIP, TTP, and all the others that force nations, especially weaker agrarian cultures, to submit to strong global corporate trade priorities must be defeated or we will all be subject to what the people of Romania and others are facing now - allow corporate domination, pollution and exploitation or pay thru the nose.

We have been sold a pig in a poke - fascism in a bag - masquerading as “trade deals” that in fact lock-in corporate domination over free nations and their ability to control their own territories, economies and natural resources free of control by those who only quest for profits and power at the expense of people and our common environment. It is telling that Clinton pushed his and now Obama and his republican/corporate/banker allies are pushing the next generation of economic slavery. Live free or die…




The photo speaks volumes about total lack of concern for the environment by corporations whose operations are resource-extracting (mining, fracking, gas, oil, etc.) They look at geological reports and only see dollar$$$…not the land, not the animals, not the humans, not the water, not the naturalness/nature nor do they care about the effect their environmentally and ecologically devastating operations have. They lay waste to pristine areas, villages, towns and pollute soil, air, and water that may never be saved, restored or returned. History has shown what wanton ravaging of natural resources does to all flora and fauna; our planet is consumed by greed and avarice


From the picture it looks to me like the extractors have created a World Heritage Site, not destroyed one. Who knew the largest Roman theater yet unearthed was in Romania? We should be thanking capitalism and consumerism. And isn’t tourism booming at Chernobyl? Creating jobs. When will Fukushima open? If only the great explorers were alive today to see the ice retreat enough to soon open the fabled Northwest Passage? We live in an age of wonder.


I appreciate your sarcasm. Well-said! Thank you.


What a boondoggle. State that you are considering opening an operation (mining, logging, extraction) in a beautiful area–an operation that is guaranteed to turn it into a sacrifice zone, wait for the people to object, then sue them for billions. Bingo presto, pocket the money, you’re on your way to another scam.


Wait, so FDR said “if the people tolerate”?!?!?

So FDR is part of the “blame the people” tag team! The depth of the psy-op is simply astounding…


good links. too bad the papers aren’t fighting these trade pacts on steroids. maybe the Guardian is–it seems like real news–the handing over of our sovereignty.


and i am going to start asking, “When did their minds warp and how can we hold a loving mirror up to them and let their eyes open to the senseless killing they are committing?” Fighting them hasn’t worked so well for me, I’m trying to understand how to reach their common humanity. that and making the almost useless calls, emails, petitions, marches. ugh.


“opposition led to widespread street protests
in 2013, which in turn pressured the Romanian Parliament to reject a
bill introduced by the government that would have paved the way for the

Surely the most mind boggling idea in the whole article is that of the people getting their government to listen to them. What’s the chance of that catching on elsewhere?


Not “centrist”, “liberal”.


And Obama vetoed fast track, right ?


Pseudo free trade is capitalism’s way of committing suicide.

Who am I to stop that?


Meanwhile, in Albania…the work of another fine Canuckian Corporation from Harper’s neck of the woods…“Bankers Petroleum”…


Another scam rubber stamped by the bipartisaneoconazi majority in the US Congress and led by the US President, no matter which wing of the Wall Street bipartisaneoconazi party.