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European Regulators Praised for Declaring There Is 'No Safe Exposure Level' for Pesticide Tied to Brain Damage in Children

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/european-regulators-praised-declaring-there-no-safe-exposure-level-pesticide-tied

It’s clear to me that the Trump administration’s actions, indicate where much of the brain damage is present.


The trump regime and its massive roll-back of regulations, citizen’s health & safety protections - especially the most vulnerable, children - in many areas is a crime of vast proportions!

The trump regimes overt complicity to the chemical/Big-Ag conglomerate poisoning, farmlands,foods, water, air and soil, and killing critical pollinators and beneficial insects, expanding the nationwide cancer epidemic is a crime!

The sidelining and silencing-censorship, and defunding of science and truth to serve big-money at any cost is a crime!

The trump regime’s MO of governing ignoring and diminishing public health to serve polluter corporations, outdated destructive polluting industries and selling-off public lands, National Parks, Protected Wilderness and despoiling them while working to accelerate the extinctions of near countless species ARE CRIMES!

This regime from Hell and all its players must be held accountable for the numerous crimes they have committed against the vast majority of citizens, environment/wild-life and a sustainable future as they lie and deceive the nation & world to serve exploitation and usury, and the War Machine above all else!


The agrochemical (formerly and for all intents and purposes - currently - military) interests seem to be more than happy to push a long term parallel effect of their activities on society. Reverse engineering the “externalized costs” - these seem happy to have engineered INTO their products something most of them are probably to poorly educated to grasp: the genocidal “margin” [of damages/of payouts/ pulling more socialized subsidy from our tax dollars and the legacy of engineered impunity for malicious intent. Ah, of course: the closer the science gets to the truth, the greater the "moscow mitch’ (sorry Russia) duopoly games stack courts and all other decks.
Green revolution??? my a$$


Yes. I say it is linked to adults’ brain damage too. There are some pretty fucking weird adults roaming around.


That’s only half of it Dovey. A number of those pretty fucking weird adults roaming around, are in positions of extreme power, and they’re fucking turning the screws on us, and I am almost of the mind that they’re doing it to instigate a fight, not solely for that purpose of course, but still there.

Turning the screw. And turning it some more.

Gits to ya after a while.


57 years since Silent Spring - full reverse now ~ with exceptions

Does survival of the fittest now mean surviving the madhouse ~


I reckon so.

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Yea - that’s what I was afraid of.

All this talk - all this posting - really there is just the nuclear family around here - Rousseau’s smallest ‘social contract’ group. Maybe I’ve just lived all this intellectual talk instead of just talking about what should be - know what I mean?

I’m investigating all of this stuff just now - the thinking in intellectual circles ca 1930, and in the past I’ve roamed about the historical world, from the Vedic peoples of pre-Hindu India, thru the Greeks etc…

All civilized thinkers have seen plenty that was - and is - wrong - and the ink spilled to suggest alternatives is exceeded only by the blood shed in trying out these various schemes.

Nothing works.

Maybe small groups, hunting and gathering on a planet with very few humans is the only thing that ever did work.

Then somebody realized how powerful larger groups could be. The rest is history, apparently.


The above lament is pretty pessimistic - I’ve been away from the mountains for too long. Heading back to the hills with that same tiny nuclear group tomorrow - fates willing.

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This use of power to poison the inhabitants of this planet is nothing new for the ooosa. From agent orange onward to the refusal to care for its citizens by permitting the pollution of water air and land is one thing but people’s ignorance of their environment and what is occurring is another.


So for all those who criticize the economic controls of the EU, I would like to sing the praises that there does seem to be more awareness and action to use less toxins in foods and products used in daily care of self and home within the power structure of the EU

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And this kind of thing gits to me too:


Pesticides and herbicides are like the dreaded effects of ionizing radiation in its stealth. They are invisible to the human senses, including common sense. What parent does not want to give their child a healthy full of vitamins piece of fruit. There is no radioactive pic, there are warning labels, there are no skulls and bones. People see approval by the EPA, people see these chemical products lining shelves in big box shores. Who is aware that glyphosate and diquat and many other poisons are sprayed not only on crops in fields to kill weeds, but also as a drying agent onto many types of grains and other crops to enhance and quicken ripening and harvesting? Including onto sugarcane to enhance sweetness. Many foods have these residual toxins that are ingested without warning. Systemic pesticides such as neonicotinoids also line the shelves of stores. Death to our pollinators.
When I discussed vaccinations of children with parents there was often the concern for potential autism. But when I discussed the wide spread use of pesticides and herbicides and the effect on the health, brains and development of their children, there was often a silence, what is this guy nuts, what is he talking about!
It is an absolute crime against humanity. It is a genocidal march. Mass poisoning. A destruction of our children’s minds and potential abilities. It is madness.
If possible, eat from local sources that you know are environmentally and people safe. It is worth the price.


I sure wasn’t ! Thanks for that info doc (?).

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Bit of news relating to this issue:
IPCC leaked report: Going vegetarian and controlling land use are key to climate crisis

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This fellow Ortega Y Gasset (1883-1955), in Spain, found that a ‘third’ type of person was now on the scene, ca 1930, ‘the specialist’, whom he deemed in most cases:

"a learned ignoramus" ~ full of knowledge, but devoid of culture ~ a “barbarian”.

  • ch 3, “1930: Europe in the Shadow of the Beast”, Haberman (2019).

While this is a harsh judgement, and has been somewhat rectified since then, it has the ring of truth !

We are Tribal Ice Age Hunters - in a New World of 7.7 billion and counting. It would seem a lot to expect we all become polymaths overnight, or ever.

So a cultural solution is perhaps the only way forward - a new set of universal values.

Outlook - at present very bleak.

When I took it all in and could really do what I wanted to do - I went lead climbing for seven full years, frequently solo. My rationale - or was it feeling - ‘civilization sucks’.

Best single thing I ever did.

Now what?

PonyBoy ~ Earthbound ~ anybody ~ thoughts ???

PS: Maybe this is worth a look:
Rachel Carson and JFK, an Environmental Tag Team

More dead kids means more money for Dow Chemical. They would spray crops with arsenic if it made a profit.

Somewhere on the list not too far down of toxic gases source emissions are the bloviators and liars in our government.
In answer to your ?doc, yes-mostly retired family med doc.

Any of which can be implemented at the level of the individual nation. As example Austria passed laws restricting the use of Glysophates and there resistance from the EU which still allows it and wants a “Uniform law” across all Countries.

Here in BC Local First Nations tribes want to halt construction of pipelines across their traditional territory while the Federal Government based in Ottawa wants to force them through. Surrendering local decision making authroity to a centralized bureaucracy can result in as many bad decisions as good ones.

If you want examples of that in the USA Many local communities banned fracking within their environs (such as in Colorado) while the State Government passed laws to prohibit such bannings.

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