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European Union Targets Google with Antitrust Probe


European Union Targets Google with Antitrust Probe

Jon Queally, staff writer

If Google executives use their service to perform an online search for "antitrust + European Union" on Wednesday morning, they may not like the results.


Although I have no doubt that the complaints against Google are legitimate, this action smacks of a shakedown. Couldn’t similar moves be taken against other US corporations both in IT and other industries? How about Microsoft or Big Pharma?

This is like an old cowboy movie with no “good guys.” The so-called European Union really means France, Germany, and the UK. The austerity imposed on the economically weaker countries by these three shows the EU to be something less than a force for real progress.

Is anyone not on their board of directors going to sympathize with Google? Remember the tag line from the film The Social Network: “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies”? For Google, it would be “You don’t get to billions in profits without shelling out some bribes.” The EU has its collective hand out.



I imagine google and these other companies are wishing TTIP and the ISDS mechanisms were already in place so then instead of being fined 6 billion they would be receiving 6 billion of tax-payer’s money in compensation for an elected government body daring to interfere in their pursuit of profit on any kind of moral grounds.


No, the EU means the EU. How are France and the UK imposing austerity on other EU countries? The UK isn’t even in the Eurozone so has little say in negotiations in relation to its crisis and when Cameron tried to block bail out agreements back in 2011 he was overruled and ignored by the other member states and told to go forth and multiply, though not is so many words.

Speaking as a citizen of the EU, I can say the EU has many failings, but I think it also has been and can be a force for real progress.


Cameron has strongly supported austerity. He complained bitterly about Syriza’s victory in Greece.



Only - perhaps - obliquely related. One character demanding standards be upheld in the Google/you tube/Facebook interaction in doing business with individual persons. The first time NASDAQ picked up on his story and covered it. There are clearly issues here. We see some of the symptoms, but I’m still uncertain about the true scope of actual causes.

NASDAQ article http://www.nasdaq.com/article/googles-awful-changes-to-youtube-laid-bare-in-nightmarish-tale-cm306687


I agree, I’m living under it at the moment. He’s a sociopathic tw*t. But he has little to do with imposing it on the rest of the EU. Nor does France. Germany is the biggest driver of that, and the IMF.


Whatever happened to ‘don’t do anything evil!’