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Europe's Malpractice of Greece


Europe's Malpractice of Greece

James K. Galbraith

A modern hospital is equipped with a variety of specialized wards. One of them is the intensive care unit, or ICU. Here go those who are especially sick and in need of the most devoted attention. The existence of the ICU recognizes that illness and operations do not affect all patients in the same way. Some, who are robust, recover quickly. Others who are weaker, or older, or sicker, may require different treatments and more help.


Thank you James Galbraith. Speaking up on this issue before the fact is important and the true sign of a scholar. We’ll hear plenty from the economic experts after the fact…


Or does Goldman Sachs just have a particular taste for Greek spleen?


To continue the theatre, this “hospital” still lives and breathes medieval culture, plutocracy’s plan for the recovery of damaged economies is stale air and blood-letting and if that doesn’t bring improvement, more of the same, until that particular economy either recovers or dies.

In contrast to its failed image from the war years, Germany now appears to be acceptable as the voice of the New World Order. Flexing economic power from a restored economy while fully recovered from the image of Nazi storm troopers, Germany was allowed to ignore repayment of WWII damages to Greece and other European countries. Those countries are now under pressure to repay questionable loans at usurious rates.

Could that be the sound of jackboots we hear?


The banksters who style themselves “Masters of the Universe” will not be able to rescue Ukraine and will administer looting of their assets in due time…
The real fear is that Greece, like Iceland or Argentina, actually rejects their bloodletting and within a year or so of leaving the Euro actually has economic growth…
AND what happens to all those Credit Default Swaps and the house of cards if one card like Greece is pulled out? Will the whole 41 Trillion dollar Ponzi scheme collapse?
Greece should face down the Western banksters and get aid from Russia and China…


It’s about time for whoever loaned money to Greece to realize they are never gonna see it again. No way Greece is gonna be able to pay that back. Get over it and don’t make the same mistake again.

I almost choked on my (possible carcinogenic) coffee a few days ago when i read an article about Russia dealing with Greece to build a gas pipeline thru there. I quote: “The costs will be covered by Russia, with the understanding that Greece will repay its pipeline debts later.”. I guess some people never learn…