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Europe's Rightward March Continues With Austrian Election Outcome


Europe's Rightward March Continues With Austrian Election Outcome

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"We're now the mainstream of society."

Sebastian Kurz, seen here on Sept. 7, 2017, led his People's Party to apparent victory in Sunday's election. (Photo: Raul Mee (EU2017EE)/flickr/cc)


Trump’s proto fascist influence spreads like an infection encouraging the ultra right.


This really is scary folks, it ain’t just here, it’s everywhere and just at the wrong time, just when global warming/climate change is starting to really kick in. What happened in Europe during the 20’s, 30’s & 40’s was mild compared to today. There are more wacko’s across the pond and here at home than back then and everybody’s got a gawd-damn gun.


You are going to have to give specific examples of this so-called “harm” - backed by statistics. You also need to provide some evidence of this intentional “importation” of “non-western” people “by the left”, rather than the motive being compassion and humanitarianism. And finally, answer what is this “assimilation” is and why is it so important for you? Otherwise, you are just spouting racist, fascist, reactionary xenophobic bullshit.


It’s the other way around, the euro-right preceded Trump’s candidacy by many years. Don’t be so US-centric.


Before Trump’s success the ultra right in Europe were in decline. Lepen had failed as did other fascist candidates. With Trump’s success as inspiration, the fascist/racist adherents became resurgent. Austria has now taken it further still and in response to the far right’s substantial success there, others elsewhere will find the going easier. Each success serving to re-legitimize the fringe into the mainstream. Do you think the far right will espouse non violence? I don’t think so.


I think “blowback” is term i’ve seen thrown around quite often.


I don’t think it was the “left” “importing” people. I think we’ve got a globalizing process supported by all of the elite and which is leading to hardship easily blamable on the most vulnerable sectors of society. I also think all of these european countries have a serious problem. If you look the age structure of the population, you will see that there are a glut of people about to retire, and far fewer young people to take their place. The fertility rate is 1.43. They have no choice but to allow immigration - unless they want to take the Japanese route and start building robots.


Note that this was a response to a post that appears to have been deleted without a trace left …