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'Even a Fox News Audience Agrees': Sanders Makes Case for Broad Appeal of Progressive Ideas on Eve of Michigan Primary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/10/even-fox-news-audience-agrees-sanders-makes-case-broad-appeal-progressive-ideas-eve


An economy works by the circulation of money and NOT by the sequestration of money. The Progressive Platform that Bernie champions does the former. It puts more money into the hands of those who will spend rather than simply salaciously save, occasionally building temples to themselves. Let’s find ways and simple allegories to get this message out to the unconverted. Future generations depend upon OUR success.
BERNIE 2020!


It is amazing that given how many agree with Bernie, especially in a time of a medical crisis leading to a major economic crisis, that the mismanagement of our government - not just Trump but all of the elites - is exposed for their fraud and corruption that Bernie is bested in elections by a obviously mentally impaired opponent. Then, of course, exit polling shows major discrepancies in the vote to say nothing of long waits, rolls purged and polls closed early that somehow Biden manages to win numerous states. Is it possible the the DNC managed to cheat again like they have been shown to do many other times? This is dangerous.


biden won tuesday because the primaries are set up to deliver a corporatist, and if there was a conspiracy, it was the orchestration of the mass exodus of a ton of candidates within 48 hours all of whom just happen to endorse Biden to much fanfare prior to the vote.

that should be cheating enough. and it turned out to be.


media smells blood in the water and they know they have just this next round to go before they can breathe easy knowing the “commie” is out of the race.

woke up to a barrage of anti-Sanders/pro-Biden garbage from the usual suspects, aka, all of them. They’re getting pushed harder these days, no doubt. But media still decides these things, and that reality is still very much with us.


If there’s any solace to be taken from this farce of a primary, it’s that the “democratic” party is destroying its own viability. Conditions have never been riper for a 3rd party…& once that movement is violently quashed, conditions will have never been riper for real change. Hopefully, the planet can still support mammalian life at that point…


If Bernie loses 5 of 6 today (or even all 6) he will step aside and Biden will get to coast to:the convention, making very few pubic appearances. He will then limp out of the gate, causing a collective yawn among the Democratic faithful.
The democrats Plan this year is the same as it was in 2016. Convince yourselves that the other side has nominated an unelectable lunatic, then nominate your own corporatist, that has but one message, I won’t be as bad as the other guy.
Second verse same as the first…


An interesting conundrum. What if, say, the Democratic Party completely collapses after another crushing loss to the worst candidate in US presidential history, and a progressive party that espouses a return to the New Deal/Great Society rises in its place? Should that happen my question is very simple, how many former democrats will join the new progressive party? Or more to the point, how many will simply join the Republican Party?
My guess is about two thirds of the former democrats will become republicans. Not a far trip, as most of them already are.


“Imagine what good he, (Senator Sanders) could do in a general election.”

This in a nutshell is what America needs to urgently think about going into the future. Now is your moment!


Sanders did a great job of coming across and of showing what a sane, competent President looks like. I hope it helps him take Michigan. It is sad that he only has this opportunity on FOX.


An issue that is NEVER addressed is feedback loop mechanism of US Militarism. It is evil and it is simple. It is so simple that you can have a simpleton in the White House and the gears grind on, and on, and on…

The issue I would like to see raised is the causal relationship between the levels of corruption and practices of war. It is no secret that there are “red flags” we’ve heard of - and no doubt some we have not heard of. The fraudulent invasion and destruction of a country/people/society based on mendacious claims of righteousness that are nothing more than excuses.

Imagine the perpetrators and envision the victims. The latter lose infrastructure, means of sustaining life, and they are traumatized. Many of us have loved ones who have been traumatized and need support. If we are blessed by coherence in our vicinity, that need for support is met.

Most of the problems faced by societies the mercenaries prey on have already been subjected to nefarious undermining by corporate and military interests - in many if not most cases, US interests. From sucking the poisons of the Monroe Doctrine, the 21st century sees the colonizer become mega-parasite on the planet. Planned obsolescence its needle, conspicuous consumption its heroin, War its devastated bombed out shooting gallery. Does anyone think the entwined lexicons are an accident?


I got this posted on the New York Times! It is under the conservative pandering editorial “‘Never Trump’ Republicans Will Support Biden, not Sanders”


David, so true about those who call themselves “progressives” but are not even close.
So many are blindly supporting a vague “blue wave” which in reality they know nothing about, just that it sounds good and appears more acceptable than vile trump and the republicans. It is more “refined”.

Ask them specifics about the issues and they haven’t a clue.
Peel away the layers and it comes down to: they have theirs and do not care about others. They cannot seem to move into having genuine compassion for others . . . and advocating/voting for others who are suffering which includes all beings on this planet.

When you say “most Americans just want to be happy” what comes to mind are those sickening, ubiquitous, made in China/Hobby Lobby signs---- “Live, Love, Laugh” and the various spin offs that people hang all over their homes and the endless, nauseating push for “positive thinking”.

Barbara Ehrenreich calls for a commitment to realism vs. America’s obsession with positive thinking in her book: Bright-sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America”,

This is what she had to say about the 2016 election:

“Forget fear and loathing. The US election inspires projectile vomiting”

And more recently:

"I realize that after decades of positive thinking the notion of realism, of things as they are, may seem a little quaint. … When the stakes are high enough and the risks obvious, we still turn to people who can be counted on to understand those risks and prepare for worst-case scenarios. A chief of state does not want to hear a general in the field say that he ‘hopes’ to win tomorrow’s battle or that he’s ‘visualizing victory’

We need to brace ourselves for a struggle against terrifying obstacles . . both of our own making and imposed by the natural world. And the first step is to recover from the mass delusion that is positive thinking.

Ehrenreich is supporting Bernie Sanders.
He speaks the truth. No one else is speaking the truth.


I just gave Sen. Sanders another small donation. I want this primary to go through to the Illinois primary. Where the voters replaced a Republican mega-millionaire governor with a Democratic mega-millionaire governor.
This switch in governors is equivalent to changing the Manager for the Cubs or the Bears, imo. At the end of the season you’re still stuck with mega-millionaire, but very stingy, ownership.
It’s unfair to the great fans, but what are you going to do? Change real estate agents? Change banks? Change stock brokers?
Sorry, I couldn’t resist. { Packer snark }

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Yes, I bought into that as well.
(hate typos!)


Just brings us one step closer to the socialism-or-barbarism choice that we’ve all (or at least I) have known to be inevitable for…a long time.


Incredibly powerful and admirable words of wisdom and humanity at it’s best.
Thank you!

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My experience dealing with progressives has been very positive. All our thoughts and ideologies align perfectly because all the issues of injustice are closely related to one another. That means usually when one agrees with a few they agree with all. For example racism, ratios of incarceration, low wages, illness and poverty are all closely associated with one another.


There used to be a Progressive party that was right in line with Bernie Sanders and the vast majority of US voters. It was destroyed at the altar of the owners who feared the voting public.


I truly believe that even if Bernie isn’t elected, he HAS actually started a revolution—it may not come to fruition this election cycle but it is a rallying cry/motivation for the voters in the future. He has put a klieg light on the needs of the masses (like never before) and we cannot be ignored any longer!