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Even After Equifax and Wells Fargo, GOP Sides With Big Financial Institutions


Even After Equifax and Wells Fargo, GOP Sides With Big Financial Institutions

Elizabeth Warren

Contrtary to what financial industry lobbyists claim, class action settlements work for consumers.

Senate Democrats discussed consumer protections in the wake of a massive data breach at Equifax and a scandal at Wells Fargo.


This definitely should not come as a surprise to Elizabeth Warren. She of all people should not by now after looking into the activities and attitudes of the financial “services” organizations. It’s not just the GOPs who side with them, of course. Both parties are stooges and shills and accomplices of the money corporations. The GOPs are just more defiant in asserting that what they are doing is what’s right. The Democrats still want to pretend that they are on the side of reg’lar workin’ folks.

Today financialist are the descendants of the Sea Pirates that Kurt Vonnegut talked about in “Breakfast of Champions.”

“For example, teachers of children in the United States of America wrote this date on blackboards again and again, and asked the children to memorize it with pride and joy: 1492. The teachers told the children that this was when their continent was discovered by human beings. Actually, millions of human beings were already living full and imaginative lives on the continent in 1492. That was simply the year in which sea pirates began to cheat and rob and kill them.

“The chief weapon of sea pirates, however, was their capacity to astonish. Nobody else could believe, until it was too late, how heartless and greedy they were.”


Adding to Stiff’s observations: the world’s first corporations evolved from “privateers”, pirates hired by European gubmits do dot their dirty work. The more things change the more they stay the same.

And when did the Democratic Party STOP “siding with big financial institutions” ?

Obama’s post POTUS speech circuit gravy train starting its run at Cantor Fitzgerald confirms that the Dim/Wall Street alliance is moving forward full throttle, thriving like never before.


Obama never did appreciate Occupy Wall Street, in spite of his trash talk about “fat cats”.

Trick or treat voters.

A black cat crossed our path.

Walk the walk Elizabeth.


“Never did appreciate Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) ?

Obama loathed OWS from day one and had his AG Eric Holder criminalize everything OWS did to assure there would be no OWS re-emergence in 2012.

Obama’s “trash talk about fat cats”:during the 2011 OWS emergence was overshadowed by his catfood commission and failed grand bargain that would have been the most devastating legislation of his POTUS stint had it succeeded (devastating to the 99%).


When progressives and true liberals get their heads out of their ass and accept the fact that the Democratic Party is as deep into Wall Street as the GOP, then we will have a financial revolution. As long as we continue to label the Warrens of the world as progressive then they will continue to sheep dog the masses into the false belief that the Dems are there for the people and there will be no revolution.


Nobody is forcing us to do business with Wells Fargo. I moved my accounts to credit unions years ago and couldn’t be more satisfied. I urge others to do the same.

But Experian is a different matter, having no contractual relationship with—and, apparently, no fiduciary duty toward—those whose vital information is its raw material. I have no clue as to how we might rid ourselves of it, and despair of any legislative remedy in the present political climate.

Memo to Sen. Warren: AARP is an insurance company with a 501© tax exemption. It “represents” seniors in the same way Colonel Sanders “represents” chickens.


Sorry, I should have typed “Equifax,” but my comment applies to Experian as well.