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Even as a Shrinking Minority Party, the GOP Intends to Entrench Themselves in Power Over the Majority

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/23/even-shrinking-minority-party-gop-intends-entrench-themselves-power-over-majority

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"3. They also aim to use the Senate filibuster to block the majority. The answer is to eliminate the filibuster , which Senate Democrats can do without a single Republican vote."

Yeah, it’s so simple, isn’t it?

I recently wrote my senior senator offering my view that she should vote to eliminate the filibuster. I received a long response purporting to “educate” me on how government works, ending with this paragraph:

“I have long said that I oppose eliminating the filibuster for votes on legislation. Retaining the legislative filibuster is not meant to impede the things we want to get done. Rather, it’s meant to protect what the Senate was designed to be. I believe the Senate has a responsibility to put politics aside and fully consider, debate, and reach compromise on legislative issues that will affect all Americans. Therefore, I support the 60-vote threshold for all Senate actions. Debate on bills should be a bipartisan process that takes into account the views of all Americans, not just those of one political party. Regardless of the party in control of the Senate, respecting the opinions of senators from the minority party will result in better, commonsense legislation. My position remains exactly the same now that I serve in the majority. While eliminating the filibuster may result in some short-term legislative gains, it would deepen partisan divisions and sacrifice the long-term health of our government. I will continue working across the aisle with my colleagues in the United States Senate to ensure our legislative process upholds the integrity of our democracy.”

These are the views of a so-called Democrat. Can anyone tell me what it is, when you have Democrats like this one, that “Senate Democrats can do without a single Republican vote”?


This shows anyone who can see that there needs to be at least one, if not 2 or 3 more political parties representing the masses.

There must be a voice for those of us who believe constant progress in addressing the needs of the masses be the most important business of government.



America Needs Third Parties w/Professor Richard Wolff

and Ranked choice voting must be included in that


Recall Harry Reid’s weekly mantra “I don’t have the votes” during his tenure as Senate Majority Leader during Obama’s first term ?

We learned that “not needing one Republican vote” plus three bucks bought a cup of coffee.

We need to get rid of all white cops. Only hire new ones under a probation basis until other officers feel comfortable with their non racist performance.
Watching cops murder black men is completely beyond anything moral, normal, or lawful.
Think up your punishment for them, I am shaken by the ones I thought of.

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None of these proposals will pass Robert. On paper the dems have a slight majority, but reality is the gop still holds onto their lead, Manchin, Sinema, and possibly Tester will prove this soon enough.


The leader of this “shrinking minority party” got 11,000,000 more votes in 2020 than he got in 2016. Average that over four years and you’ll see that Trump attracted 7,534 new votes every day - and he was one of the few Republican nominees for federal office to lose. That’s some shrinkage, professor!

Reich has an impressive resume, but his essays almost always contain some error so glaring that it undermines the decent stuff in the essay.

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…that’s what happens when you vote for LOTE swill (and drink over-sweetened, over-roasted swill).

No reporting on the -------“bi --partisan” hearing held by Klobuchar—I could see why she will never be President. Cruz and Hawley are actually questioning these officers about security??? And the whole theme was the intelligence was late or bad??? My question to the cops up there-------DO YOU WATCH THE NEWS! Trump in a debate told the Proud Boys to “stand by”-----all the coverage two weeks before was about a protest at the Capitol to “stop the steal”??? Two bombs planted at Dem and Repb headquarters to draw the police away from the Capitol???-------What is very interesting is that they don’t want the National Guard armed??? Both sides seemed nervous about an armed National Guard??? And then there is Johnson from Wisconsin??? He blamed the Capitol Police and I guess someone on the left--------according to Sen Johnson families were having picnics and everything was wonderful until those mean lefties showed up.

Democrats can destroy this corrupt party of Triators-----but Senators like Klobuchar will do everthing to save them. Klobuchar called Sen Johnson out in a TWEET??? DO IT TO HIS TRAITOR FACE------!!!


And Maddow YOU were way to nice to your buddy Klobuchar----and as Maddow pointed out the REAL ISSUE-----DOD WAS REFUSING TO SEND THE GUARD UNTIL THE MOB HAD DONE IT’S JOB!

I know YOU corporate Dems love your racist Rep buddies------They are Traitors--------YOU must do your job and rid the Republic of this EVIL.

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I may be wrong but:
The white house staff was involved.
The DC mayor does not have authority on her own to call up the national guard.
Memory is that VP Pence got the approval from the NG general inside the pentagon.

Next: What were standing orders to the police on the capitol scene. Where is it that they have to take the abuse, pushing, punches, launched flag poles, etc.
At some point they police managers could have simply filled the rotunda with tear gas. A couple intruders were spraying the police with ‘bear’ retarder. Where were nightsticks cracking a few heads.

It was Flynn’s brother at the Pentagon who was refusing the guard—this should come out this week. Or we should get a better understanding what was going on. The DC police had sent a warning and offered some city guard. The real question why didn’t Homeland security issue any warnings??? We all know the answer----This was a planned coup. And these people are not backing down.

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You are correct.
The WH had the coup planned + the murders of VP
and speaker to gain acceptance of martial law.
How the assigned assassins missed their targets
is certainly a blessing. If NSA has been able to
recover the cell phone info for the invaders, they
may identify some of the teams.