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Even Before Taking Office, Trump Has Made a Mess


Even Before Taking Office, Trump Has Made a Mess

Mark Weisbrot

President-elect Donald Trump's phone call earlier this month with President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan sent shock waves throughout China and much of the world.

For nearly four decades, it has been Washington's official policy to diplomatically recognize only China and not Taiwan, an island the mainland considers a breakaway province.

Trump has indicated that by abandoning this policy and, in effect, threatening China, he'll be able to bargain for concessions from the Asian power.


Things were already a mess. It just a different form of mess.


You are right.
Things are a mess.
The Twitter stock price has not rebounded even though it is now the only official method of Government communication.
I should not have put all of my retirement savings into Twitter stock.
But it looks like The Donald is doing everything he can to boost the price.
What more could he do?
I guess we just need fewer regulations and everything will be okay.


Trump cannot be blamed for the mess we already occupy. Do I think it will get worse under his administration? Absolutely. But Trump is just doing what the elites have wanted for decades. At least, that's how it looks today, given the people he is choosing to put in positions of power. Assuming he acts congruently with his obnoxious appointments, my only hope is that those who voted for him will rebel against his hypocrisy and lies. This is corruption writ large. One would have to be blind and deaf not to know that.


Well, taking a call from the Taiwan president when she called may be bad politics and policy, but at least it calls into question the massive hypocrisy of supplying a country that does not officially exist with weapons and protection.


Give me a break. The president elect has a phone call with the President of Taiwan and China goes ballistic? This article exaggerates the impact of the phone call. I can't wait to see how the media reacts when Trump publicly acknowledges Israel's nuclear arsenal!


Not sure I agree with this as the Chinese government has not taken this well. It's sort of their third rail even if it seems a bit absurd to some outside.


He will get us all killed. If the Republican party has any honor and respect they better start drawing the impeachment process on day one.