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Even If All US Drilling and Fracking Halts Today, Warns New Report, 'Flood of Toxic Waste Streams' Will Grow for Decades

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/18/even-if-all-us-drilling-and-fracking-halts-today-warns-new-report-flood-toxic-waste

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How do all you Registered Democrats and Republicans like this?

Your support at the voting booths made this all possible.


Yep, no shit! And many, like Wall Street think Fracking is a good thing. Keep drilling on the San Andreas… such smart people…Texans and other people in Fracking States must be Glowing with Joy!


Anyone wanta bet Biden wants to find the ‘middle’ ground on this?
Where ever the hell that is


And just to be clear, the toxic waste stream will get much worse if fracking does not stop.


The war with Iran makes the fracking profitable by driving up the price of crude to $80 or more per barrel.

Drink bottled water only.


And even those will put us deeper in the thrall of corporate dependence, more plastic waste, and even then I bet much of that bottled water will have microplastics in it. Seems humanity has forced itself into a Morton’s Fork situation.


Rain water from a barrel?

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Water bottled in Hemp plastic?

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Is hemp plastic even legal?

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Somewhat. Industry will eventually jump on this.
Doesn’t require fossil fuels, is biodegradable in less than 60 days.

It’s only a matter of time. If the world is still here after Fuckface Von Trump gets his little war like W did.


Well I hope the best for this endeavor. I have often heard how hemp was essentially sabotaged by the oil industry and other competitors

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The best water I ever tasted was many years back working in the Forest of North East Alberta. We did 12 hour days over the summer and one day were hiking our way back to camp . We ran out of water and it was hot. We came to a small stream the guy telling us as long as the water not stagnant it good to drink.

We drank our bellies full. So good.

I have a feeling that very stream long since gone as it in the area all those tar sands plants being built. They likely stripped away that stream , the forest and vegetation around it because it deemed “Overburden” and they need to get at the tar sands underneath so as to strip mine it.

I know i mentioned this before but it a real peeve of mine . The Oil and gas industry gets away with what is literally murder for the sake of profits. On my way home tonight they had an ad on the Radio from the Government of Alberta informing the people of British Columbia that that pipeline they want to run so as to triple the amount of tar sands oil they can ship out “Is good for the economy”.


That’s a fact Jack, I mean, MCH.

I know a young man who recently rushed back to Colorado to tend his hemp. The legal kind.

Colorado is the pioneer state for legal hemp.

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Ironic how we try to solve problems like this after we allow it in the first place!


I’m one of the lucky ones. I live in an area that is zoned to protect a city water supply. But we should all be living in an area that is protected.It’s a God given right.

Living in West Virginia and down stream from major fracking operations I can testify that all of this does not matter to those in this area. It is all about the short term benefit of the jobs and cash generated by these operations. Local papers, politicians and organizations all actively support resource extraction without any question or concern of the damage done either to this local area or on a larger scale to our climate. For example, this area was hugely impacted by DuPont and C8, but despite that those pointing out how we were poisoned are despised.

Yes, the US corporations and supposed government oversight has never come close to following the “precautionary principle.”

Just a few quick facts about bottled water … it’s not really a “safe” alternative. They just need to stop poisoning us!

  • Plastic bottle production in the United States annually requires about 17.6 million barrels of oil.

  • Worldwide bottling of water uses about 2.7 million tons of plastic each year.

  • Transporting bottled water to market produces air pollution and emissions of carbon dioxide which contribute to global warming.

  • The energy it takes to transport the water to market, to chill the bottles, and collect the empties is the energy equivalent of filling each bottle a quarter of the way with oil.

  • About 86 percent of empty plastic water bottles in the United States land in the garbage instead of being recycled. That amounts to about two million tons of PET plastic bottles piling up in U.S. landfills each year.

  • Many plastic bottles end up being incinerated, releasing toxic byproducts such as chlorine gas and ash laden with heavy metals into the air.