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Even in Sweden? Tracing the Worldwide Weinstein Effect


Even in Sweden? Tracing the Worldwide Weinstein Effect

Christian Christensen

The #MeToo movement in Sweden shows why we need feminism more than ever.

Nov. 8, 2017 cover of the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.


This is likely to change the relationship between the genders. Powerful successful men are going to have to learn that they won’t be having groupies. “Putting the moves on someone” may disappear from the repertoire of male acceptable interactions.

Some of The unsought out assignations took place years and in some cases decades ago, and the men are just getting called out on it now,


Keep shaking the apple trees of the powerful men of position and may we see a bumper crop of apples, rotten to the core,but a bumper crop. This tragic state of affairs isn’t limited to the US. Although we do have lots of wealthy men in powerful positions that act above any standard of decency and rely on those, too, that tend to shield them from public scrutiny. Keep shaking that tree and may the rotten apples keep falling. I’m afraid this is only the beginning.