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Even Millionaires Are Ready to Ditch Trump


Even Millionaires Are Ready to Ditch Trump

Julia Conley, staff writer

A CNBC poll finds that President Trump's support is waning among many of his fans from a particular demographic: millionaires.

The survey was conducted with the Spectrem Group, a consulting firm that conducts research on affluent households.

Forty-five percent of the millionaires surveyed voted for Trump in the 2016 election, and 39 percent identified themselves as Republican voters. Twenty-four percent were Democrats and 35 percent were independent.


Association with an overtly corrupt, cruel and bloviating business man is “bad for business” and the big guns know this all too well: guilt by association. I have said since Jan 20 that it would be only a matter of time before the rats would soon be jumping the sinking ship that is DJT’s “Bounty.”


They’re pissed because Trump hasn’t yet delivered what they want, tax cuts. Like the jerk from Dallas who said publicly that his wallet was closed to the Repug. party until he received his tax cut.


Correct. These oligarchs will tolerate Trumpo only as long as he is useful to their corporate, ruling class agenda. They will drop him like a smelly sack of crap when he becomes an obstruction due to the big backlash that I still hope is coming. Trump being president was about as good an idea as selling his overrated steaks in the Sharper Image catalog.


The self-serving, obscenely wealthy scum that runs both US parties deserve the Trump and all his vile fellow travelers. If in fact that self same surface slime succeeds in finding a removal mechanism for this horse’s ass, there will be another less obnoxious one behind him to carry on. Screw the millionaires.


You are absolutely right! Their boy in the WH ain’t deliverin’ fast enough nor are their bought-and-paid-for panderers in both the House and Senate. Rapacious greed needs constant gratification and can only be fed with more massive tax cuts/breaks.


But he’s making ok marks with the War Department.This supports a lot of millionaires, ordinary voters, and perhaps much more power.