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Even Now, Our Leaders Are Still Putting Their Faith in the Rich

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/01/even-now-our-leaders-are-still-putting-their-faith-rich


The rich and the near rich have used technology to replace people beyond all reason. Our student-to-teacher ratios are abysmal. Rural medical care is crippled. Amazon workers are forced to work according to the pace of the machines they operate. Etcetera, ad nauseam. At near every turn the MBA types have used the tyranny of the spreadsheet to embellish the power of the administrative class at the expense of those who do the actual productive wealth. Dignity and human contact have been thrown to the wolves of greed. It is going to take a lot of national psychotherapy to change (smash) corporate culture. I truly believe that the Progressive vision espoused by Bernie is our best hope. May some of that vision take root.


How about drain the states of capital and bankrupt them so Furor El Trumpo does not have to deal with pesky governors or state general attorneys. Starve those 50 beasts.

Trump is in way over his head. The bunker folks are not doing this. Scary. Just as scary however is the revolution that Bernie asked for and is now more and more likely to get. A revolution without a leader, against something a lot bigger than the bunker minions.

Ms. Barnes’ suggestions are clear and reasonable, but she does not address the actual reason that politicians toady to the rich.

It has nothing to do with faith. They get paid. Further, some part of what they get paid, along with the knowledge of corrupt allies that they can be trusted to not do good, keeps them in office.

Where one has enormous differences in income and wealth, the rich purchase the services of government. It’s an obvious purchase, from one point of view. Force is necessary to retain control of resources and services. Without it, everyone would take some share of the world.

We complain that politicians are corrupt. That’s true enough. We complain about politicians being corrupt, and of course that’s true enough. But what does anyone expect? In a system in which the wealthy have millions and billions and apparently even trillions to bribe or to threaten or to execute or to create a self-fulfilling fiction of largesse where they see fit, a lobbyist’s conversation can be fairly direct and simple: “Here’s the carrot, donkey; here’s the stick.”

The population has to come back and seize control, hopefully without violence. But then it has to take the stick. And then it has to take the carrot, or most of it. People who buy politicians cannot be trusted with money.

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Helen, you do not know much about Bernie Sanders and his campaign. Bernie NEVER called for a Revolution but a political revolutions that sorely needed. It is very wrong to repeat that misinformation. What the hell is bunker minions?

Misinformation causes a lot of damage and not worthy

They are simply executing the orders of the people that pay them.