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Even Republican Voters Admit Widely Opposed GOP Tax Scam Is Corporate Giveaway


Even Republican Voters Admit Widely Opposed GOP Tax Scam Is Corporate Giveaway

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

About 70 percent of Americans believe the Republican plan will benefit big businesses and say healthcare measures should be left out of the tax bill

tax the rich protest sign


Time for our representatives to represent our needs and views over the big corporations.


The people in those offices now are not and never were “our representatives.” They must be removed as soon as possible and people representing the American public must be put in their place.


This is not a Corporate Giveaway.

Since the corporations and their lobbyists were allowed to write this, this is pure and simple, Corporate Theft.


And yet, many of those GOP voters would support Adolph Hitler, Beelzebub, or the Black Plague rather than vote for anything but a Republican. Now you have to ask yourself two things: What’s wrong with these voters, and; what’s wrong with the so-called opposition party?

Case in point: Roy Moore.

Lest you think Mr. Moore is an aberration, think again. Right now in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, a man that should be serving a life sentence for industrial homicide, the one and only Don Blankenship, has begun a campaign for the US Senate. He is running TV ads here that are full of the most blatant and unfounded lies against government institutions and he is openly appealing to a very virulent strain of racism that exists in West Virginia. If many of you could see his ads they would make you nauseous.

And he may just pull it off because you know who’s seat he is gunning for? Yep, you guessed it, that rock-solid icon of Democratic ideals, that man of the people - Joe Manchin. Part of Blankenship’s ad campaign points to “rampant corruption” in DC and politics in general. Hey, you can’t argue with him there, and Manchin is directly implicated through the Epipen rip-off (not to mention the rest of the slimy politics that surrounds government these days.) Even if Blankenship doesn’t succeed, Manchin will tie himself into such a tight right-wing conservative knot, that in Senate votes you know his vote will be in the GOP column.

Don Blankenship should be in Federal Prison for life (along with the other officers of the company that owned Big Branch Mine) for industrial homicide, or negligent homicide, and yet it is not impossible that this horrendous creep could end up in the Senate. If Trump can openly support Roy Moore, he will certainly support Blankenship because they are birds of a feather: cruel, egotistical, lying con men.

I would apologize for being “off-topic” but every day there are at lest a half-dozen of these articles telling us the same thing we already know.