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'Even War Has Rules': MSF Takes Unprecedented Action Against US Military


'Even War Has Rules': MSF Takes Unprecedented Action Against US Military

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

"Even war has rules," declared Dr. Joanne Liu, international president of Doctor's Without Borders (MSF), who announced Wednesday that the aid organization will take unprecedented action against the U.S. military by formally launching an international fact-finding inquiry into the bombing of its hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.


" Since that time, US officials have altered their account of the bombing a total of four times."

Make that five times! The latest by unnamed officials ( read lying fascists ). Maybe Doctors without Borders should reassess the locations where they put their hospitals.


Not that you are arguing against this, but there should be zero onus on MSF for such location considerations, aside from what they determine is the best location for that community that they are doing their best to serve.


It is shocking to me to learn about this commission and that it has never been called on formally to investigate in all these years before now. It's not as though there haven't been any war crimes being committed. Now that Palestine is recognized, perhaps they too can call on this investigatory commission on their behalf and others as well, too numerous to mention.


I applaud Dr. Joanne Liu and MSF for pushing for an international investigation into the bombing. I called the office of my Senator (Elizabeth Warren) to request a Senate investigation into the US bombing of the MSF hospital. It appears that she will not push for such an investigation.

No doubt the US military and US government officials will refuse to provide pertinent information to any independent body that investigates this incident.


Punctuation: It makes a difference.

What Shantiananda wrote:

"The latest by unnamed officials ( read lying fascists ). Maybe Doctors without Borders should reassess the locations where they put their hospitals."

What Shantiananda meant (I think):

"The latest by unnamed officials ( read lying fascists ): Maybe Doctors without Borders should reassess the locations where they put their hospitals."


Maybe I should have had more coffee prior to engaging the forum :smile: Thanks for the assist, I think you assessed it correctly. I did qualify my response to Shantiananda's favor.


I so wish that were true! That's what should be and combatants should respect those rules, and those who break them should be brought to justice!

We need a precedent that even the mighty can be brought to trial and that will discourage other "mighty" ones from indulging in the same behaviour.


Dr. Liu needs everyone to help make this stay alive and not become another non-event.
The truth needs to be outed. Make us accountable.


Accountability? here? in the real world? ain't gonna happen folks...in 1948,1949 Tibet didn't even have an army...when we came to Turtle Island the Natives didn't even have an army or guns for that matter...we invaded Iraq using lies...Accountability?

It would be very nice and a welcome change to have accountability for crimes committed by those that perform crimes against humanity, like Banker's, Armies and such...but...like in the old days of professional Boxing, always bet on the Champ and in today's world?...there will be investigations, hearings and then the broom is used and the rug lifted.


"The natives" sure did have armies, and they sure did acquire guns. If it weren't for decimation from disease the history of colonialism might have been quite different.


Might as well add this info here, as I did on the Greenwald column, and wait for the attack as a war monger by providing relevant information. The first URL provides important information about how the IHFFC functions and the second is the list of member states. of which neither the US nor Afghanistan are members.

IMHO this is the appropriate and necessary organization to provide a transparent investigation of the bombing and horrendous deaths. Just wonder if the staff writer for CD went further than just quoting Dr. Liu? I just typically find myself curious about how various legal entities function.





Like our "great ally" and subversive influence, Israel, the US is weakening/destroying the Geneva Conventions designed to protect non-combatants and military personnel. The sacrifices of WWII have been betrayed and turned into what we and others fought against! Both Israel (our military mentor we have come to emulate) and the US attack civilian populations, whether pre-meditated or "collateral", the effect is the same - dead/maimed civilians and war crimes. Israel attacks civilian populations repeatedly with banned and indiscriminate weapons, and the US shields them and defends the indefensible by, among other actions, refusing to ratify international bans on land mines and cluster munitions favored by Israel. We have become the enemy, emulating the hideous actions Israel takes for granted - where the Hell are our leaders that still possess a functional moral compass?!

Speaking of the US refusing to join other nations in the internationl bans on cluster munitions and land mines, we are supplying the war criminal Saudis with them.
" The US is equipping the Saudis with internationally banned cluster munitions which now litter large swaths of the Yemeni countryside where they will kill and maim for years to come."


they didn't have guns until we got here


That's because MSF either wasn't in Gaza or they were not hit but as you know Palestinian owned and operated hospitals, ambulances, elementary schools, UN compounds, residential areas, even boys playing soccer on the beach all were bombed by Israeli military and to my limited knowledge no investigation has commenced.


Times have changed and with Russia actively opposing US barbarisms,China is challenging US domination in south pacific, Europe is rising against neocon bullshit austerity there is going to be new life breathing into the anti war movement. Revolutions need proper venues and many little sparks, it is a process.


And the small pox blankets


War has no rules. That is why it is the duty of the statesman to avoid it.


The MSF facility has been caring for patients over 3 years. The military forces in Afghanistan were advised of the GPS location by the MSF (Doctors Without Borders). The cabal presently ruling the United States of America is without conscience. World consensus has, rightly and repeatedly, named the United States as the biggest threat to humanity in the world.


Emphyrio - You speak the reality! And I thank you and agree 100% with you. In ancient wars only the fighters were on the battlefield and killed and wounded, but now civilians are open to death. It can't get anymore immoral - it is sin pure and simple. And I say that any of us involved in any way whatsoever is guilty. But you don't hear this from the White House down to the smallest parish church. And I, too, am guilty for I pay taxes of which 54% is used for the military.

Praise to the Quakers, to the Christians of the first 3 centuries till Constantine who chose Christianity as the Empire's religion; to all who are Pacifists today, and to all those who work in Doctors Without Borders. Jesus said "put away your sword" and from the cross "Forgive them, they know not what they do."

Well certainly today "we know not what we do." Bless me Father for I have sinned.