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Even Without CBO Score, the Republican Healthcare Plan Gets Bad Marks


Even Without CBO Score, the Republican Healthcare Plan Gets Bad Marks

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the Trump administration continued on Friday to downplay a forthcoming cost analysis of the GOP's healthcare plan, independent assessments of the proposal revealed the likelihood of large coverage losses and cost increases to hit voters who supported President Donald Trump the hardest.


Tragic that these men and women only saw two choices, a good number of them had voted for Obama only to experience their neglect under neoliberalism. Tragic that Hillary misread their plight and did not step aside for Bernie. Enter Con Man Caligula--a con man and a mad man-- to exploit them. We need to agitate for a health care system for all that will not set people against people, that does not rob Peter to pay Paul.




What is happening is what we could expect when the winner of the national election was announced.

  1. All campaign promises that might have bettered the working class are forgotten.
  2. Regulations that level the field with banking investing and loans for consumers are attacked as too restrictive. Remember that D.W-S was criticized for her close ties to payday loans but we have now Gold in Sacks managing the fed.
  3. Attacks on public education. the EPA, Department of energy, are underway.
  4. the ACA is to be rescinded but a replacement is proving too difficult for the brain trust of the congressional bodies to manage
    All this and the administration is touting their successes although there are none.


Remember, one of the problems the ACA had was a bungled rollout with poorly working websites and confusion from the public even with a fully functioning HSS. Given that the Reptilians put this turd together in 6 weeks how well do you think they have pondered the actual nuts and bolts of implementation. This will also be 50 individual start ups from 50 individual states. I'm sure everything is going to be peachy since the Reptilian pile of paper was so much shorter than the Democrats pile of paper. Now is the time for Democrats to be talking universal health care as an alternative and not just sit around silently watching the Reptilian plan implode. But they won't because they are the "paid to lose" Democrats.


If you or I were to defraud millions of people like Trump did with his pre-election lies, we would be locked up with Bernie Madoff. How is it that swindling dirtbags like Trump are never brought to justice for their lies? Maybe a class-action suit by about 20 million angry voters demanding compensation for fraud? Where is OUR "EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW"?


I've called the GOP plan Trump-Ryancare. But Ryan really deserves top billing. It is really Ryan-Trumpcare. This plan is a Ryan wet dream. And note that there is a huge tax cut tacked on to this bill, just like all the other repub bills.


I simply call it what it is: "The American Wealth Care Plan."


Gee so Trump's a lying POS. Who knew....