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'Even Worse Than the DCCC Blacklist': Schumer Accused of Effort to Hamstring Progressives Trying to Unseat GOP Senators

and this is why we’re going to keep losing. it’s not BS.
I’m not sure with that emo explosion this will do any good, but for the record, the GOP rank and file punish their pols like this all the time.

Further, if you’re looking at why the “Pink Tide” ever took off in the first place in Latin and South America, it came from election boycotts.

Focusing on politics as a series of 2 years cycles is the trap you’re stuck in. You get that or you don’t.

Which is why the British system of parliamentary government seems better to me.  It’s more responsive to what ‘The People’ (or at least the most vocal majority) claim to want, since an election can be called whenever really necessary.  We are stuck with the system we have, at least for the present, as calling a Constitutional Convention would open a can of worms that would make Pandora’s Box look like a child’s toybox.

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You are so clucking right! Don’t know what clucking got into me to not clucking cluck that.

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But, Koch’s entire astroturfed TeaParty™ schtick was pretty much Comcast, trying to beat FOX at neoConfederate cage-rattling, wasn’t it? So MSDNC’s RussiaRussiaRussiaGate/ Resistance© protection scheme was simply the SAME BS, pulled on far more affluent ofay, boomer yuppies, amiright? If the DNC promoted this entire scam, to cash in on their pearl-clutching speciously oblivious 9.99% “creative class,” whore benefitting from Trumpocracy, how will that emulate the 1% bamboozling the white-flight suburbanite baggers (all aligned against us, fixin fer uh smack-down, smug on the other side?)



Schumer completely ruins, and takes the joy out of, the knowledge that ten more Republican senators are up for re-election than Democrats. I’ll not get more from a Schumer-led Senate than I get from the turtle. If we get more like Arizona’s new Democrat senator, the Republican position will still be well-supported.


don’t forget the Clintonite wing hates Sanders. They’d probably rather Trump win again than ever vote for Sanders.

And Hillary still has a ton of groupies in that party.


Regardless of what the people want, the DNC will not want a progressive running for
President. Biden will be their chosen candidate along with maybe a moderate woman for VP.
Biden will keep Wall Street, the banks and other 1%ers happy and a moderate woman for VP
should keep progressive quiet.

Do you think Russians hacked the last election? Bernie does.

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This is the second time the National Democratic Party has fucked-over Andrew Romanoff, and Colorado Progressives.

In late 2000, Romanoff was a popular, successful, Speaker of The Colorado State House. When he was term-limited out of office in 2008, it was naturally assumed, here in Colorado, that he would be the logical successor for Sen. Ken Salazar’s seat after Salazar joined the Obama administration.

But, instead of appointing Romanoff to fill Salazar’s seat until the 2010 elections, Obama pressured Colorado’s Democratic Governor, Bill Ritter, to appoint Micheal Bennet, a virtual, political, nobody.

At the time of his appointment, Bennet was the president of the Denver School Board, but prior to that, he had made millions of dollars as a leveraged-buyout specialist for Phillip Anschutz.

Undeterred, Progressives rallied around Romanoff, who had challenged Bennet for the nomination at the 2010 Democratic State Assembly, where Romanoff was overwhelmingly choice of the Assembly delegates.

But then, in the Democratic Primary elections that summer, the DSCC came into Colorado and put it’s very heavy thumb on the scale for Bennet - in terms of both financial support, and personal endorsments for Bennet, including TV ads by Obama himself.

And here is the same, corrupt, corporatist, DSCC putting it’s big, fat, thumb on the scale against Romanoff, and the Colorado Progressive community, again. This time on behalf of another Corporatist tool, John Hickenlooper.

Well guess what, Chuck Schumer, and the DSCC, can step the fuck off! I am done voting for corporatist tools, like Hickenlooper, just because they have “D’s” behind their names.


I voted Blue No Matter Who for Obama in his second term - Never doing that again. It doesn’t make anything better. Unless your expectations are sol low that you consider ‘slowing’ the rate of growing the Fascist Oligarchy, “better”.

Yeah that’s ridiculous. Nobody is perfect.

I wish he’d stop it.

I hear yah.

The “2 party” system has never been democratic in any way. Each of them is a private club. We see the same discouragement of progressives in local politics when the “party” throws tons of money at the candidate of the moneyed interests as well endorsing them. The progressive candidate is discouraged from running & then has to overcome the baked in advantage of the “chosen candidate.”

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Beginning with the Clinton election the Dems make a conscious decision to go for the votes (and money) of college educated whites. They made a decision to sever their connection with labor, organized & otherwise. ( Labor, you know, that would be us.)

Bernie’s always been with the people. Any pledge he signed would be interpreted to be run & govern as a democrat NOT a Democrat.

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Good clucking point.