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Events Across US July 30 as Medicare Turns 50


Events Across US July 30 as Medicare Turns 50

National Nurses United

WASHINGTON - Registered nurses will join actions in over 25 U.S. cities July 30 to honor Medicare and Medicaid's 50th anniversary with a National Day of Action celebrating the theme, "Medicare is as American as Apple Pie" – and call on policy makers to protect, improve, and expand Medicare to cover all Americans with a single standard of quality care not based on ability to pay.



Don’t forget who sold us the ACA: this class-stratified, stingy, profit-motivated, inadequate, non-universal, confusing, maddening, sickening, hodge-podge!
The “Democratic” party. The earlier version of the ACA, “Hillary-care”, was
dreamed up by the conservative Heritage Foundation. The “Democrats”
adopted this Republican approach, “forcing” the Republicans to move
further to the right into wacko-land, since they want to “differentiate”
themselves from the Dem’s. The Repugnants didn’t pull the Demagogues
to the right; the Dem’s pushed the Repug’s to the right! Nice going!
For a party to truly represent us, we need to check out and BUILD the
GREEN Party. They have been pushing for Single Payer for years! And
a Green NEW DEAL, with a massive jobs program, at a time when the
“Democrats” “forget”, and want everyone to forget the WPA and CCC
job creation programs of the 1930’s. In 2010,Obama was asked about restarting FDR’s jobs programs. He answered “We just don’t have the money.” Just had the money to bail out Wall St., and continue Bush’s
wars, and start NEW bogus wars. Trillions for wars, not for jobs!
In 1994, Bill Clinton was asked about Single Payer. His answer was that
it was a nice idea, but that it just wasn’t politically viable. The opinion
polls at the time had Single Payer as the most popular option of those who
had an opinion. It was the “Democrats” who made it politically non-viable by
kissing up to the insurance industry.
The “Democratic” party: a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We need the Green Party!
Yeah, it’s smaller, but it’s MUCH better, and it’s growing. The tallest Sequoia
tree started out as a small seed. And the corporate parties are becoming
more and more discredited.
We REALLY need a non-corporate party now with the twin threats to the
planet: Climate Change, and the possibility of NUCLEAR WAR! Mikhail
Gorbachev has warned us that our neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine, and our
NATO war preparations in Eastern Europe carry the risk of nuclear war!
Talk about medical emergencies! (Same with TPP/“Pivot to Asia”)
Please, let’s stop this capitalist juggernaut! I hope the Pope is sincere
in his criticisms of capitalism. Even if it’s just a pose to divert us from the
pederasty scandal, his critiques help to clear the clouds of McCarthyism.
We may be approaching the point of “The Hundredth Monkey”. (Good
book!) I hope enough people wake up in time; we have ominous developments with Global Corporate Dictatorship being Fast-Tracked by
a “Democratic” president in League with Repugnant, and some Demagogic
politicians. “Ready for Hillary”? Bernie is. Yep, pledged to support her, if (when) she wins. And the “Democrats” are ready for us, with militarized police, the NSA, Google, NDAA/Indefinite Detention, and Operation Jade Helm 15 preparing for …? And never mind the lies: search “Operation Earnest Voice”. Jail, torture, and death for those who oppose the Empire, while Obama gives “Absolute Immunity” for everything perpetrated by Bush/Cheney et al. Got our work cut out for us! Check out the Green Platform!