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'Every Child Deserves to Eat': Sanders and Omar Bill Would Provide Universal Free Public School Lunches to All Students

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/15/every-child-deserves-eat-sanders-and-omar-bill-would-provide-universal-free-public

Well, geez, I dunno; maybe buy just one less murderous rocket?


tax all religious organizations - THAT is what Jesus would do.


Not if Bozo has to pay any tax.

Where would there be a family anywhere – with or without children –
who wouldn’t cheer this program on?

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Agreed BUT…trying telling that to the alleged christian hypocrites, of which is MOST claiming that title. Interesting that today’s “followers” act nothing like their deceased leader.

Well, let’s just sit back and see what happens but my cynicism tells me that there will be MANY against it. Mostly those who don’t NEED it.


There are some 13 million children who struggle with food insecurity in the United States … for the wealthiest nation in the world, that number should be approaching zero … only by way of corruption and wealth inequality can such poverty exist. https://www.nokidhungry.org/who-we-are/hunger-facts


I don’t understand why people don’t get it. Tax the rich and corporations and reduce the war budget. Easy. Or do you think the rich shouldn’t be taxed?!!


Of course they should be taxed and so should the parasitic business of religion. It not mutually exclusive.


One of the best things about democratic socialism would be that we take profiteering out of survival and betterment issues. Like eating and sleeping. Education and healthcare. And of course the MIC.


Good to put those who don’t want to help poor children or any child in
need of lunch … “on the record.”


The money spent on food stamps and welfare is a faint line on any pie chart of govt. spending. Food stamps have been cut by every President starting with Reagan. Bill Clinton destroyed AFDC programs. If they make any money at all the are not qualified or receive very small amounts of money. Millions go to bed hungry. Most Seniors do not qualify at all. 500.00 in social security will basically get them a 10.00 voucher on their EBT card. Worked in social services many years. Theses people get nothing to speak of.

At last, the Black Panthers’ program is going mainstream.

Can we add the NRA to that list? How about Google? Facebook? Etc…

We had a pretty good track guy in high school who got progressively slower as the season went on. Finally asked by the coach what was up, he said, although his father was working and he was working after school as well, they couldn’t afford enough to eat so he could train properly.