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Every Day Is Just Another Day


Every Day Is Just Another Day

The besieged water protectors at Standing Rock are marking a dissonant Thanksgiving - aka Thankstaking/ Day of Mourning - full of bitter ironies. As most Americans go about their gluttonous business, the Sioux and their supporters mourn their losses, vow defiance, confront brutal riot police and yet see growing support, including a holiday meal served by a Barbarella-led delegation. "If you're having trouble with the thanks," advised one supporter, "focus on the giving."


Thank you, Abby


Yes, for the last couple days, the "Thanksgiving" holiday was on my mind. To think that most Americans, are leaving it up to the Native Americans... to do their dirty work, of protecting our water... is par for the course...there are people I know, who were not even aware (and some still aren't) of what is happening.. or, some do not allow themselves to even believe that a pipeline for oil is "bad". They think it is wrong for the "Indians' to be in the way... It is true, I have experienced, once you really begin to explain the situation to these people, a little light flickers... they may not admit at the end of the conversation that they had misjudge it... but, they have started down that road of understanding.


Exactly. Just talk to them and tell them what you know. You don't need to convince them right on the spot. Plant the seed and let it grow. Admittedly, some are dead to new ideas, but most aren't.