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Every Friday Is Black Friday: Why Our Addiction to Consumption and Growth Is Killing Us


Every Friday Is Black Friday: Why Our Addiction to Consumption and Growth Is Killing Us

George Monbiot

Our behaviour within the system cannot change the outcomes of the system. It is the system itself that needs to change.


George offers a very thoughtful and important voice in these times. I hope his voice is heard and his writing read by more people in the years to come.


Fossil fuel has doomed the human race. Will catastrophic climate change precede fuel depletion? The models say it will. If not, resource depletion would cause the greatest humanitarian crisis via starvation, migration, resource wars and unchecked migration. What dies first? The oceans? The people? The trees? Ecological balance requires all but the second. The sun will give the planet a chance for billions of years more, yet like Icarus, humankind (its “economic” drivers to be more accurate) is flying too close to the sun, not to be content with the Natural warmth it provides. There is a guillotine around every corner in one form or another lying in wait. Who will hoist the ropes? How will the mess be cleaned? Nature abhors a vacuum and those in power are sucking the life out of the planet. This doesn’t end well for what the powerful define as civilization. It is time to rewrite the definition from the bottom up.


Good article. Its wording of ‘private sufficiency vs. public luxury’ is an excellent terminology for an important concept. Hope it spreads out into mainstream language - it captures an entire economic model without mentioning the dreaded S word.



Say “F*ck You” to this.



I view Monbiot as one of the most important voices of our time.

Unfortunately, we’re light years from the kind of systemic change he calls for. For centuries, we based growth on burning stuff, and we’ll keep burning stuff until there’s nothing left to burn.

Catastrophe will force our hand, there’s no way around it.


“But a series of research papers reveal there is no significant difference between the ecological footprints of people who care and people who don’t.”

Uh, huh.

Still driving an internal combustion vehicle? Then shut the fuck up about global warming until you ditch it.

Thank you. Enjoy your day.


And Monbiot is strongly pro-nuke as an alternative to metro-carbon fuel. Just sayin’…


Monbiot is always a good read. He his one of my favorite contributors on CD. I rank his thoughtful observations right up there with Hedges, Koelher and Rockstroh. All of these dig deeper than politics; down to systemic bedrock fundamentals.


Fossils fuels brought us out of the darkness over 100 years ago and was a positive things for human race, however, when they found out the negatives effects were hidden and ignored and we doubled down on them thru we the tax payers subsidies to these industries.

Alternate energy research was denied funds early on. Hemp production was killed by cotton and oil industry as was the electric car. We’ve had the availability of alternate sources but denied to us by the Fossil Fuel Industry and our government.


Had kids? Then STFU about global warming, period. Oh wait, that includes George Monbiot. Huh.


Riz, I once “questioned internal combustion” engines and found them suitable for burning hydrogen, byproduct pollutant only water vapor, H2O. It also stores at lower pressure, more conveniently than fuel cell stacks and storage. The advantage in the fuel supply design benefits hybrid plug-in drivetrain MORE than all-battery electric EVs. Plug-in hybrids actually have MORE fuel/energy consumption reduction potential than ALL-Battery EVs. It’s hard to explain, but true.

Please keep coarse words off replies please, at least for those reminded of such words from harmful actions. Also a joke: The self-driving car! Too ridiculous to consider seriously!


We–all of us–are in so deep that there is absolutely no way to avoid complete ecological collapse.

I wish we would just face reality instead of substituting a ceramic mug for a disposable one at work and thinking that we are “saving the world” and that there is still hope.

I understand the power of hope and why we cling to it in the face of obvious disaster. But I also understand that all the hope in the world will not improve some situations. Some are just too far gone for anything to be done about them. That’s reality folks. And we have an entire society hell-bent on doing everything it can do to avoid having to look at it squarely.


Juju, I hope you got my joke below. “Too ridiculous to consider seriously.”
The serious consideration is how the plug-in hybrid affects rooftop solar,
regional utility grids, household safety backup power, portable.
TAAS tech (Transport As A Service) is a plot, a bubble soon to pop.


Actually, the steadily increasing solar luminosity will make the earth uninhabitable for complex life in only 700-800 million years, but that is still a long time.


Yes, because even the smallest coal mine fatal accidents kill more poeple than the Fukushima accident did.


Some of Rudolf Diesel’s first engines were designed to use vegetable oils. His earliest actually ran on peanut oil.

Most of our cities and larger towns a hundred years ago had electric streetcars. In many of the older neighborhoods the tracks are still there, under the asphalt. These systems were bought up by General Motors and others, who proceeded to scrap them. Ford, Rockefeller, Firestone and others guaranteed themselves an enormous and continuing profit stream by making Americans almost totally dependent on
gasoline-powered motor cars and gasoline/diesel powered buses, rolling on rubber tires. Among other things, this led to the French exploitation of Vietnam for rubber, as well as American and British
shenanigans in the Middle East, which continue to this day.

There have always been other energy options, many of them cleaner, simpler and cheaper. They were killed before they had a chance, in some cases.

America chose not to invest in the development of advanced Rapid Public Transportation, unlike most developed nations.

As Ross Perot once wisely stated: “Follow the money.”


Of course you aren’t counting cancers or the homeless who were hired as clean-up workers w/o protection or follow-up health studies. Of course they don’t count.

With this logic, pneumoconiosis (black lung), mesotholioma (asbestosis) and workplace stress are not diseases because they don’t kill people immediately. Glow On.


Never had two legged kids only four !


Yeah, what’s up with the self driving crap? How about self walking ?