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Every Nation Backing War on Yemen—Including US—Must Answer for Hospital Bombing: MSF

Every Nation Backing War on Yemen—Including US—Must Answer for Hospital Bombing: MSF

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

From the United States to the United Arab Emirates, every country backing the Saudi Arabia-led military campaign against Yemen "bears responsibility" for Wednesday's bombing of a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in southern Yemen, a spokesperson for the medical charity told Common Dreams.

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“If we are not able to protect civilians in war, if we are not able to give hospitals in war zones some calmness and peace, I wonder how we should can continue as a community in the world.”

It’s way beyond “laws of war”. At this late late stage in the conflagration that is modern civilization, if we are not able to END WAR, and devote our hearts and minds to healing our culture and harmonizing the economy with the ecology of the Earth, i’m certain that we WILL NOT continue as a community in the world.


I suppose the Saudis can use the same excuse the US Goverment used.

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It should be obvious that these attacks are not accidents.


No way would I ever support our “good friends” the Saudis, but I’m beginning to wonder if like most everything else in our world, it’s just all about the money and collection of donations for Doctors Without Borders. Does anyone know if they are being provided free web time as it seems like site after site, both commercial and others there is an ad for asking for donations for Doctors Without Borders? I know various television outlets provide free ads for some charities, but when I tried to find out which websites provide free ads or if they do, I came up blank.

They have been laughing since the Vietnam Nam war. Hippies bad establishment good. Who are you going to believe? Pot smoking hippies or alcohol fueled politicians. I prefer the hippies. Hippies at least don’t kill people for peace. Jesus was a hippy. They killed him too.


I recall in the heady days of Gulf War 1 when we liberated the democracy-loving Kuwaitis from the evil dictator Saddam Hussein that, at the outset of Desert Storm, our news reporters gave gloating descriptions of how airborne precision-guided rockets entered air vents in the Ministry of Defence building in Baghdad and blew the building to smithereens. I still remember the image on my TV screen.

Now, just on (how long ago was it?) years later, our precision-guided airborne rockets and aircraft keep failing to miss hospitals, particularly those hospitals that have given their GPS coordinates to the commanders of the airborne strike-forces and then telephone those commanders when under attack. It can only understand this if I accept the fact that our precision guidance systems have been degraded by terrorists working in secret to destabilise our precise, surgical approach to bombing places so that we hit the wrong targets and then look bad as a consequence.

What other explanation can there be?.


Yes, obvious that these acts are terrorism at its most evil. The imperialist amerikan empire is a dying beast; but, the murders from the beast will be tragic and lingering, as the empire slides into the abyss!

i mean, that’s largely true, but you do know about HUAC and the Red Scare and McCarthyism and the thousands of leading leftists and intellectuals who had their careers destroyed in the 1950s? So when the “New Left” came up in the 1960s it was largely comprised of a bunch of 20-somethings? Elders like Chomsky and Zinn were rare anomalies at that time, and the media focused intently on people like Hoffman and Rubin. So it’s not simply a “weakness of the US left,” there are some pretty strong specific historical reasons for that weakness. A lot more to that story, but rebuilding a potent Left was not some simple thing.


It’s sad but for the first time I have reached the point of not believing that there can be peace. I feel it’s futile to attempt to restrain the governments of Europe of the United States from massively bombing other countries. So I don’t accept responsibility for it anymore. This is just a permanent part of our species.

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What an absurd comment.

You change the focus away from yet another MSF clinic being bombed, to insinuate that Doctors Without Borders somehow views these atrocities against their doctors and patients as a means to make a buck.

How low can you stoop sanne80?


Cluck, cluck chicken. Do you understand punctuation? My post asked if anyone knew if corporations provide free ads for charities. Do you know?Almost every website I go to has ads for donations for Doctors Without Borders. Maybe they are doing well as a result of the various bombings and killings of innocents. Just seems strange to me the US is the only nation with money who is paying off though the Russians and others have also hit their hospitals in war zones, but haven’t had so much publicity. Look it up and also check on what the use of a question mark means when it comes at the end of a question.

No way would I ever support our “good friends” the Saudis, but I’m beginning to wonder if like most everything else in our world, it’s just all about the money and collection of donations for Doctors Without Borders

The question mark has nothing to do with the above statement that is as clear as a bell in regard to your intention to change the focus away from the attack.


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And then in their reply, after a meaningless five-sentence introduction, they repeat their slur. Let’s see if it does it a third time.

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Perhaps Doctors Without Borders should do what the average amerikan citizen is doing, armor up, cause when words don’t work what says Fuck You better than a shoulder launched Stinger Missile up the tailpipe! And please don’t tell me that they will be making themselves targets, because they already are!

While in referring to “our friends the Saudis” my bad because of the
assumption readers would take the comment with the sarcasm it was
meant. However, today even on the on-line location of my local newspaper, along with website after website on my daily reading list, over and over there remains ad after ad for Doctors Without Borders.
Apparently, with all the recent major publicity, it has been a very positive time to provide ads for increasing donations.

Apparently, according to Yahoo answers, the charity creating the ads pay
for the advertising." It takes money to raise money." The link is for Doctors Without Borders USA via Charity Watch showing how much of the donations are spent for various charity activities.