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Every Person You See on Air, Someone Chose to Put Them There

Every Person You See on Air, Someone Chose to Put Them There

Janine Jackson

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is best known to some for her harassment claims against her former boss, Roger Ailes.

Its all about fake news that has been around as long as there has been “news”.

Recall Mark Twain warning us that “people who don’t read newspapers are uninformed. People who read newspapers are misinformed” ?

Recall the 1940 film Citizen Kane exposing William Randolph Hearst’s fake news. Hearst subsequently ruined producer Orson Welles career with fake news ?.

TV and social media are taking fake news to new heights in the 21st century.


Is this article supposed to be about Jones or Kelly being chosen to be aired? It’s unclear. I would expect less of an underlining motive beyond the Jones interview than from the selection of Kelly as anchor (or whatever she is,) or about most of the interviewees on NPR, who (just coincidentally, of course) have just published a new book (and we’ll remind you of the name of the publishing company and that it is now available on amazon.)

That’s right. But with Trump and the GOP accusing the “liberal media”, we often find ourselves in the position of having to defend the MSM, a wholly owned subsidiary of the paleocon oligarchy. I won’t defend it. In fact, I get a bit of a vicarious thrill when someone, anyone, attacks it.

Direct Democracy

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Shouldn’t we be going around wondering why NBC hired Andrea Mitchell. Who was behind her hiring? What person was passed over? Certainly knowing this would reveal the inner workings of this widespread conspiracy that includes the major media outlets to suppress the masses and create unimaginable wealth for the few.

I would like to see Cornel West get an hour long program on one of these major cable networks–and just replay Democracy Now on one of the major networks-----the left is NOT represented in any way on these major cable channels—corporate propaganda is everywhere.

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Jackson sez: “It is always appropriate to ask media outlets why they have chosen these people over others to fulfill their obligation to serve the public interest.”

‘… Obligation to serve the public interest’?

That’s sooo 1979. NBC’s only obligation is to its shareholders.


I am undecided if the interview will add to Alex Jone’s exposure as profoundly sick man, or gives him credibility. I think the root of the problem of what we are constantly bombarded with by MSM is when the three branches of our government deregulated mergers and leveraged buyouts of large corporations. The results have been especially insidious in the media industry.

Alex Jones and others like him use their venues to tell lies that nurture anger and divisiveness while raking in huge revenues pushing miracle supplements, that make you smarter, thinner, and filled with sexual energy. As well as the latest in survival gear for when their messages sparks the powder keg of shit waiting to hit the fan.

In my humble opinion, I feel these shows are poisonous to society, and have no redeeming message. I have to ask myself, does freedom of speech have no limitations? Should it adhere to some sort of ethical standards?

In common law there are several items that go to the heart of your question. First is the idea of the “reasonable person” and secondly there is recognized what are known as “fighting words.” Both concepts are easily researched online. Which would probably result in more accuracy than me trying to explain them.

This article exposes a Captured Media for the “Emperor’s New Clothes” that it is.

The normalization will continue until everyone gets with the programming, er…I mean the program.