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'Every. Single. One.': Ocasio-Cortez Notes Every Democrat Who Backed Medicare for All Won Reelection in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/07/every-single-one-ocasio-cortez-notes-every-democrat-who-backed-medicare-all-won


Corp. owned dnc and new potus doesn’t care.


Everyone call, and email this to your representatives. It’s the right-wind (calling themselves moderates) democrats who once again have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The ONLY reason they have overthrown Drumpf is, well it’s Drumpf. Roughly 4 million more Americans were more unhappy with Drumpf than they are worried about the job Biden might do. The only excitement for the Biden candidacy came from those establishment politicians that are completely disconnected from everyday reality here at home.

A victory based on, “I’m not that other guy” is BS. All it really reveals here is Drumpf is/was that big of a disaster.

So are every mainstream right leaning establishment democrat who lost this election.


This fact alone is why I’ll bust some ass for the midterms.
No more going back to sleep in the usa, push back hard on the centrist BS.


Reforming the Democrat Party is a fool’s errand.

But until then, this makes my day.


Once a bottom-feeder, always a bottom-feeder.


The “People’s Party Movement” may just end up saving this corrupted Republic.

Neither of the two Corporate Warmongering Parties will.

It’s up to the People now.


The fact is, if not for the pandemic and Trump’s disasterously botched handling of it, he almost certainly would have been re-elected. Hell, if he had even passed a final stimulus bill with another round of checks, he probably would have won, such a failure has the neoliberal project been for the American people.

Let that sink in.


That CIA plant is not going to like this, her after claiming that the mention of Medicare for all and Socialism cost the Democrats more seats in the Senate and the House and that they should forbid Candidates from using that language. (One Abigail Spanberger)

But then when did the CIA ever care about the truth? From their inception it has been their goal to murder or silence Socialists the world over.

I looked at the results of the votes of each one AOC referenced that won while backing medicare. Not only did they all win. They won by HUGE margins.


No fear–now vote out “Don’t call me Nancy” Nancy from her speaker seat.


THANK YOU AOC for pointing this out! YES! We the People want somethings back for our taxpayer money-----and MEDICARE FOR ALL leads the way----because DNC— how could you seem to forget that there’s a PANDEMIC going on???


I know it too well. Only what 4 million more people voted to unseat him despite his raging failings. It’s still in the upper 70% range that people feel he failed miserably with Covid. From “it’s a hoax” to “don’t be afraid of it,” they still came out in droves to support his re-election.

This bizarre political tribalism has been gathering strength and steam since Obama first took office. In the last four years it’s taken on a life of its own. That FBI report that the WH has refused to allow to be released shows that Biden’s election will do nothing to quash the rising threat of right wing violence.

The agit-prop and mainstreamification of xenophobia and devil terms (socialism, radical left, etc.) will not go away simply because the wannabee dictator has lost this election.

I’ve been trying to talk my younger brother out of deep depression all week. His despair? That so many Americans thought Drumpf has done such a good job that they voted for him again. Is the US so willing to embrace fascism? What’s happened to us?

Does not bode well.


Dems can earn more votes from regular people by not only embracing but then working to enact measures the M4All and the Green New Deal that are wildly popular with the vast majority.

If people want a corporatist, they can find one in the repub party. They don’t need a Dem to be that.


BTW this an article from the WSWS posted before these elections detailing the Democrats “CIA Candidates” some 34 in total.

A good number of this group will work much as Ms Spanberger does to silence what they deem “the Socialists” before 2022. I looked at a few of the names (not all) to see how much they beat the Republican by. Much like Ms Spanberger they just squeaked in.


I wish Bernie would make that statement that he was used and screwed by the DNC before it happens to the Squad.


All 4 of the squad won by huge margins. They enjoyed these margins not because they were Democrats but because of their message. This message would be the same in “The Peoples Party”.

Voter turnout is also going to be higher then many elections past. Many came out to ensure trump defeated. This makes it clear those people CAN be motivated to vote if they have a reason to. This should also help a third party along.


New legislation for every human being on the planet.
Everything guaranteed to thrive .Free education,health care ,health given food, basic housing a life with equality of opportunity and hope for the future .
Opportunity to all those who desire more but guaranteed survival for all.

Human life must not be oppressed .


Now that we have a female person of color as vice president the Obama angst will transfer to her.
The crazy outcomes of this election haven’t even begun to sort out the why and what for of this election.
Every-other-one you meet on the street is okay with trump leading the free world.
Luke said, “I’m not afraid.” Yoda said, “You WILL be.”
Half of this country has been insanely influenced by radical right-wing nonsense.


It’s the bizarre lack of logic and ability to rationalize away everything that is so troubling.

Those 500+ kids who’s parents are unknown? They were abandoned by ill suited parents, or worse.

BLM unrest? Communists and fascists (antifa) in Democratic cities, all.

All violence comes from the left.

And perhaps the worst of all is QAnon anti-logic. Prove to me that Hillary ISN’T eating babies!


We may be better served by having the left and right in a joist match. Winner take all.
Vietnam did so and seem better for it. The " reeducation" of the people formerly of South Vietnam has made for an “All for one, one for all” state.
Will the republican type folks be willing to be reeducated? NO.

Are we ready for two months of revenge and pardons from trump? One last ouch for America.

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