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Everybody, Especially Congressional Democrats, Take a Deep Breath and Follow the President's Lead (President Moon's, Not Trump's)


Everybody, Especially Congressional Democrats, Take a Deep Breath and Follow the President's Lead (President Moon's, Not Trump's)

Kevin Martin

So it turns out U.S. President Donald Trump is inept at international diplomacy. Who knew? Well, pretty much everybody knew, or at least suspected. But he’s not always wrong about everything (more on that in a bit).

The ridiculous video, overblown self-aggrandizement, off-the-cuff declarations of policy that apparently surprised many, and declaration upon his return there is no more nuclear threat from North Korea (um, did Trump make the North’s nukes go poof somehow?) are par for the Trumpian course.


Naturally Trump will take credit for the genuine work of others, in this case President Moon. The fact remains that it is transparent to all of the world but Cult45 that Trump is no leader. There are no indications of leadership qualities. No moral compass. No consistency. No consensus building. Etc. I give him no credit for his meeting with Kim Jong Un. None. His erratic behavior has earned him negative political will from me consistently. His mean-spirited policies domestically have enraged me. He is trash. Perhaps the summit gave occasion to polish one tip of the turd. Big deal. It proves nothing and no one should be duped into thinking otherwise.


Good article, I also liked the coverage of this topic on the most recent Intercepted. The one thing I’m confused on now though is what the Korean people want with respect to these wargames. Jeremy Scahill made the excellent point that what the people want should be front and center, not what our military, our hawkish democrats, Lindsey Graham, or even South Korean generals want. Most of our media is falling down on this regard. Clearly the North Korean people would want an end to these stupid wargames, and I know that in the South, Moon is very popular because of (and he campaigned on) moving towards peace with the North. But is there any polling data from the South that make it clear the majority there wants and end to the wargames (and perhaps wants us the hell out of there even now)? I’ve been looking but can’t find any reference yet.

Here’s hoping that Moon comes out with a strong statement in favor and in agreement with ending these wargames - I’m a bit disappointed he wasn’t ready with one (given the unpredictability of Trump on many things, he should have been ready for almost anything).


Gallup regularly polls in South Korea (and more than a hundred other countries) and has this kind of data. Unfortunately, except for summaries of a couple of questions included in country-by-country comparisons, they don’t publish the full results of their polls unless you pay for them.


The S. Koreans, not unlike the Germans, Phillopinos or the Qutar gov’t, get a large benefit from having U.S. military bases in their respective countries. When some powerful folks make $$$ in S. Korea and/or the MIC spreads around the $$$ in the Philippines, someone’s ox is getting gored if that’s threatened, so to speak. $$ Cha-ching! Plus, those countries don’t have to spend their own dollars on self-defense. Isn’t that special?
It’s more than this but a very wise ol’ pol told me one very important thing decades ago; " follow the money, always be following the money ".
As to Trump & N. Korea remember, " even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while ". Again, it’s more than that. Maybe N. Korea doesn’t like Democrats because it was Truman who blew up their country, or… who really knows for sure.
However, those who don’t think there’s anything odd/funny about pursuing " peace, love and understanding " should want Trump & Kim and the rest of the involved parties, to reach consensus and find a way forward.
The rift between the Peace Democrats and the Schumer Warhawks is disappointingly familiar. As a McGovern supporter in 1972, and New Deal progressive pushing for " justice and equal treatment under the law for all ", I’ve seen this bad movie before. There are some Democratic leaders who really need to go away. Just sayin’.


South Koreans, Japanese, Italians and Germans (among others) have demonstrated mightily for decades AGAINST the US military bases in their nations that violate their sovereignty, are massive pollution sights and make them targets for both military and terrorist attacks. Many people have died in these demonstrations.

Unlike the vast majority of people in the U.S., the “Ka-ching” spirit of (in)humanity does not dominate their collective national souls.

To assign our corrupt view of life to them is both provincial and wrong.


Try again. Some are NATO countries to begin with. And, U. S. anti-war protesters have really impacted our gov’ts military’s adventurism, haven’t they? Hint: Not so much!! Sure, the majority of foreign citizens may want our military installations gone, but are they not still there ( and in some cases growing )? Did you ask them if they’d like a pink pony, as well?
You’re name calling, notwithstanding, is petty and shows a blinding hatred of/for the fact that representative democracy sounds great and, would even be better, if gov’ts around the planet would practice it once in a while. Plus, you can’t handle the truth on very basic level, either.
Since you mentioned environmental issues here’s the point of our militarized adventures: we are consciously moving people off their lands to get their resources like energy sources, water and rare metals. The energy sources and water we then sell back to them and, $$ Cha-ching for some 1%er scumbags. The rare metals are basically used to make new stuff for the MIC. Which is more $$ Cha-ching for some 1%er scumbags. Since about 87% of stocks are " not owned " by the 99s; who’s getting the shitty end of the stick on these arrangements?
Try keeping up and, " always be following the $$$, " will ya’?


Yes, Mr. Martin.

President Moon deserves the peace prize…

open up and change things…

…the whole earth needs to do so at this point in time.


That is an interesting possibility that I hadn’t heard before but seems very possible. If only we had had Wallace instead of Truman.


I’d go for H.Wallace over Truman, too. Kim may cut a private deal with sanctions off and Trump playing broker with unknowns. Strange things happened under the Bush/S.A. MENA business deals, too. Remember Sununu’s $7 million tour of S.A.?
They all need to go away.


Ha! So those lines about beach hotels may be foreshadowing. Oh well, if the price for peace is Trump getting even richer, I’ll still take it.