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'Everybody In, Nobody Out': What We Know So Far About the Medicare for All Act of 2019


In Texas, it’s “Medicare for Y’All.”


All that together puts you in line for sainthood directly behind the teachers of middle-school math! Art history enhances your perspective on all the rest. I’m pretty content with where I am at this point, with all the STEM and then economics (pseudo-science). But if I had a do-over I would spend more time studying the humanities in the broadest sense, as I think those are the people who really have the insight into the human condition. Hoping to get started on that soon!


All drug makers should be stripped of their patents if the research was funded by the government by way of Universities, and the remaining patents should also be stripped if they fail to negotiate. Also any drug that has reached the end of its patent should not be aloud to be reconfigured to be reclassified as new drugs!