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'Everybody Is Going to Catch This Thing Eventually': Senior Trump Official Brushes Off Criticism of Maskless Crowd at RNC

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/28/everybody-going-catch-thing-eventually-senior-trump-official-brushes-criticism


I now call it the Herman Cain virus.
Out of respect for a maskless rebel.
Wait, did I say “respect for a maskless rebel?”
I’m sorry.
I meant “scorn for a heedless jackass.”


While the virus may of started in China, it should now be referred to as the Trump virus. And rightly so.


It is a waste of time to wear masks because everyone is going to catch the covid-19 virus EVENTUALLY? Does that mean Trump and Pence too?


This is truly the death panel president and party writ large.

Apparently they would like millions of Americans to die, and even members of their own party are dying of it!

Now, tell me again, what is our military “defending”?

Oh, yeah, corporations.


More precisely, they are defending the oligarch owners of those corporations.


Just guessing that the senior (senile?) White House official is not an epidemiologist. Just guessing. As a survivor of West Nile Virus all the way to encephalitis, I will say there is not a day I do not have to live with what they are calling long haul symptoms. Not a waking hour, in fact. Not all WNV survivors do, but enough–and the Covid-19 data are very preliminary. Fuck these ignorant science-denying assholes.


only 3 million dead if that’s the case. but hey, how about them markets, eh?


I think we could fairly refer to this as voluntary manslaughter. Lock him up.


It’s actually quite possible that variants of the Covid-19 virus – like HIV and the common cold – will linger in our envi­ronment for many years, and that sooner or later nearly all of us will be exposed.  If current stats hold up, fewer than one percent of the victims will die, possibly far fewer.  But “only” one percent of America is roughly 3,300,000 people.  By wearing masks we slow the spread, and reduce the number of serious cases that occur at any one time to a level that can be accommodated for treatment at our existing hospitals.  Serious cases require extensive treatment, which will not be available to all who need it if too many people contract the disease at the same time.  Plus, even IF
an effective vaccine is developed – and that’s a BIG “IF” – many will resist taking it, so that so-called “herd immunity”
is unlikely to be achieved (at least in the Good Ol’ USA).

We can sure hope so — and the sooner (and more serious), the better!

Too bad the USPS is in such sad shape — I won’t be able to mail Tweetle-Dumb a bottle of Clorox as a cure for what ails him . . .


If that comes true, I say yes, RNC do not wear any masks!



The virus is a constant…It is still a very contagious virus. It is still very much circulating.

And will continue to do so right up to November 3rd. After that, if Biden wins, it will suddenly and mysteriously disappear from CNN’s news cycle.

So let’s review your “logic:”

You wrote “Only doctors and nurses should wear the proper, fitted correct masks.”
Alongside “Plenty of doctors and scientists have also concluded that mask wearing can produce many other ailments including being more prone to catch the virus.”


180,000 people are dead – more than 200,000 will be dead by election day.
One out of every five Covid deaths worldwide is an American.
But the d-party is party of death?

Again, WTF?


You can’t supply a single reputable link supporting your wild accusations. Step away from QAnon and Fox news, and consider wearing a helmet 24/7, your brain cells will thank you later.
Oh, and that red MAGA hat you and your friends wear, that’s the new swastika. You are the one supporting fascism like a good Nazi.


I’m too old and feeble, I guess, and consequently I’m losing track of the latest madcap QAnon rap. It’s all geek to me, so I don’t even recognize it anymore. Back in the day, I used to do some troll patrolling, even read up on the awkwardly-named “Proud Boys.” These days all the right-wing creeps are indistinguishable from random raving idiots – sort of like that 4-day GOP gawp, or whatever it was: Satan for President. 12 more years. Woo-hoo. (Glad that’s over, at least.)

The GOP demon who says we’ll all catch it is totally unremarkable. That’s just herd-immunity orthodoxy, which continues to prevail just under the surface in the policy of Sweden, UK, and especially USA. It’s a strategy which will result in more people catching and dying from COVID, but there’s no light – and I do mean absolutely none – at the end of that dead tunnel. Not at one-percent or any-percent of the population.

The reason why the future holds no promise of an end to this, no matter how much of the population catches it, is quite simple: natural COVID reinfection after four months. Without natural protective immunity, there’s no material out of which to build any fabricated protective immunity. Nobody has ever concocted an artificial immunity, in this sense, for any pathogen, and yet that is exactly what’s contemplated by all the vaccine projects.

Look: I’m a dim bulb and haven’t been trying to understand virology for very long, so maybe there’s something I’m missing here, but I’ve yet to hear a convincing explanation from anyone about how a SARS2 vaccine is supposed to work (other than making you feel bad for awhile) in the absence of natural protective immunity, in the presence of natural reinfection after four months.


I’m going to tell the truth.

Herman Cain is dead. He probably caught the Covid at a Tulsa Trump rally where everybody was making noise and not wearing masks while being close together. The entire state of Oklahoma had a big blowup from that rally. If you’re a greyhair in that crowd, understand that you might wind up medically disabled for the rest of your life within about three weeks.

“Everybody is going to catch this thing eventually” is usually a non-medical opinion. Soldiers drafted in World War I often said, “If your number’s up, it’s up” and then they stood out in the open above their trenches. They soon died. Most people in most nations aren’t going to get the virus. Most people in the Northeast, if they haven’t had the virus already, aren’t going to get the virus because of sane public health measures. Exception: Rhode Island has a pro-big business governor and a relatively stupid level of contagion, #30 in the nation today. Too bad. I’m still keeping those daily statistics at ~http://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

If you have a redneck governor, yes, absolutely, the state’s grandpas are about to die like flies, and there’s practically nothing you can do about it until the first Tuesday in November.


…pResident was not giving and acceptance speech, it was a ‘rally’, which is absolutely illegal on the WH grounds (The People’s property). It is ‘another’ violation of the Hatch Act (felony)…


I think “Trump’s plague” would be a more dramatic and evocative moniker for Covid-19!


This is satire, right? Don’t forget to include a little visual indicator, such as a letter /s/ between slanting parentheses, just in case there are some underage children out there who might take you seriously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!


How bout “Trump IS a Plague”

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