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Everybody Wants ‘Medicare for All’—Except Our Leaders


Everybody Wants ‘Medicare for All’—Except Our Leaders

Sonali Kolhatkar

The health care debate in the United States has shifted dramatically over the past ten years. When newly elected President Barack Obama came to power in 2009 he grappled with reforming the broken health care system, eventually adopting an approach that had been championed by conservatives to craft the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.


How many times has this got to be said, “the richest country on earth” …


They are our elected leaders and they could be replaced by a thinking public which is what is lacking.


Everything you need to know in one statement: The d-party establishment cares more about health insurance company profits than 27 million uninsured Americans and another 40 million who can’t afford to use the insurance they have.


Only in the same sense that Bill Gates walking past a group of homeless people makes them all a group of millionaires.


It is not easy to ‘replace’ our ‘leaders’, if the there are only two corporate candidates to choose from on the ballot. Not so easy to run against corporate America.


Both Party’s care more about healthcare donations than the public they’re supposed to serve.


This is a slippery slope. We have been fighting for “Universal, Single Payer Healthcare.” Medicare for All…is not that. There’s a lot of issues with Medicare. It’s not even that grand for seniors! There’s the need for “supplemental” insurance, because Medicare doesn’t pay for it all. Then there’s the “do-nut hole.” Medication and the astronomical prices charged…end up costing. Many seniors who cannot afford Medicare are on Medicare Advantage Plans…and those are run by private insurance companies. Universal, Single Payer was taken “off the table.” Beware what you wish for.


Medicare for all is three words.

Everyone knows what medicare is and it’s good if you are old enough to have it. Of course there are problems and shortfalls.

Even so; Take the first step with what we have and know. Medicare for all requires one edit; change eligibility age to birth.


“Medicare for all” can and will in most likelihood be sabotaged on any number for fronts. The most obvious one is that “Medicare for all” will have to operate alongside existing healthcare bandits. The existing healthcare bandits will make sure that any “medicare for all” plan will be grossly underfunded, extremely complicated and demonized every step along the way. This could set back our quest for meaningful universal healthcare for several decades and that is precisely why the topic is being discussed now. Billionaires from the Koch brothers to Rush Limbaugh will tell everyone who will listen why universal healthcare will be a disaster and then line up with all of the corporate sycophants in Congress in their attempts to undermine any sensible legislation.
The first step to passing a ‘good plan’, is to jettison corporate Democrats from the Party once and for all. At the moment, too many corporate Democrats (enemies of the 99%) occupy the Party and therefore can be expected to devise a plan to fail with their Republican counterparts. Until the corporate Democrats are removed from office, any attempt to introduce a sound plan will ultimately fail. Progressives have to be careful as all Progressives will be lumped into one category of ‘pie-in-the-sky’ political hacks as the media will always follow the Great Western Narrative even if it means driving the planet towards the next mass extinction (as they’re doing right now!) to keep the corporate sponsors appeased.
This is a slippery slope and the 1% won’t go down easily.


There almost always is a Green candidate on most ballots. Just because the Rs are horrific doesn’t mean you can’t vote for anybody else. It’s time to get over the “spoiler” label - the first important step is to eliminate the corrupt duopoly. Stopping the horrible conservatives bludgeoning us in favor of the “Liberals’” who will kill us with a thousand tiny cuts is not a good trade off. Finally, irrevocably cut loose from the crap choices that are foisted on you - think past one election cycle.


Ranked Choice Voting

How I’d be able to vote:

  1. The Socialist Party USA candidate
  2. The Green Candidate
  3. Other Socialist Party candidate
  4. Even other Socialist Party candidate
  5. Even other Socialist Party candidate
  6. Communist Party candidate
  7. Democratic Party candidate
  8. Libertarian Party candidate
  9. Write in Mickey Mouse


and since they already know that at least half the country will be stupid enough to vote for them anyway, you’re not getting it.

that’s the nice thing about being a politician–whip out the “but…but…Trump! Omergod!” and every other sin will be forgotten and forgiven on the spot. GOP the same exact thing. “Pelooooosi!”

Half the country’s figured out this scam. We’re still waiting for the half that keeps trying to kick the stupid football to figure out the pattern.


On this point, I’m not ready to concede that this was such a good name choice. We are stuck with it now, but after reading through comments on sites where many non-progressives post, I see many attacks that I think would be thwarted had we used a different name. You often see a) people complaining about some aspect of Medicare - they don’t pay doctors enough, there is too much copay, whatever - and if you try to say we are talking about improved Medicare that just isn’t going to sink in to many people unfortunately, and b) seniors freaking out that their Medicare, whether they love it or get by with it but have their complaints, is going to be mucked with by adding all those people that didn’t pay in (another stupid argument - people will be paying taxes perhaps payroll taxes but in any case, I’m sure care will be taken so that low an middle income seniors aren’t going to have to pay for the new system given their past payments.

If we had called it USAcare, AmeriCare, NHI (nationalized health insurance) or something besides Medicare For All, I feel like we’d have been better off.


Perhaps if they called it “IDONTcare” then Republicans would even be for it and the First Lady could endorse it with a new clothing line.


Perfect. Which socialist party is the difficult part. So I go green. Sounds good too. No CIA/corporatist democrats for me. AOC knows what’s happening without corporate monies corrupting her. Gabbard if she wins the nom. “They” won’t allow that in a million years.


No. They are our elected Representatives.
In a democracy, it is the people who lead. We elect people to implement what will be best for us.


Easy?! Of course it’s not going to be easy.
But a plan might help.


HI dara, yes Shakespeare did write, "What’s in a name? " And he was right.
I like American Wellness, Or AmeriHealth, Or Born Free Health. Maybe we should shame them with Richest Nation in the World Care. : ) As long as they wish to imagine and brag-----then MAKE IT SO!


SAME: EVERYBODY WANTS THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT to the US Constitution-- just Not the Republican legislators and GOP Congresspeople!!
ERA simply makes Sex Discrimination against male OR female a Violation of our Constitution. BUT GOP SCREAMS NO,… literally.
Just one more state is required to pass it; 5 states now have legislation to do that.
The Nation was ablaze with the ERA with, protests for its passage during the 1970s. Now, 94% of Americans from all population sectors (INCLUDING REPUBLICAN CONSTITUENTS!) whole-heartedly say they favor its passage now.
Only the Republican politicians in 5 states and in US Congress REFUSE EVEN TO HOLD HEARINGS since ERA was re-ignited to benefit male and female alike AND our economy 19 nonstop years ago!

GOP curmudgeons should note well that the 2020s are coming up!

–from Nat’l Equal Rights Amendment Alliance